Deadly Encounter in Quiet Neighborhood
Sten Jackson — July 1, 2005

SACRAMENTO, California — Sacramento police are searching at least one person involved in a shooting that happened Sunday afternoon. Investigators… Read More

Man Protects Himself and Family
Sten Jackson — July 1, 2005

I batted him on the head with the pistol. That didn’t get no attention. He turned on me. Read More

High Noon Holster’s Slide Guard
Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D. — July 1, 2005

The High Noon Slide Guard is a strong side, two-slotted, open-topped, pancake style, belt holster that comes in… Read More

Concealed Carry: a Right or a Privilege?
USCCA Editor — May 1, 2005

Black’s Law Dictionary: A Right, “the power of…free action.” Rights are “inherent” and cannot be extracted from a person. A… Read More

The Burr–Hamilton Duel
Alexa H. Madison — May 1, 2005

After years of intense political rivalry, Burr took offense at remarks Hamilton made during a bitter political race for New… Read More

Gun Review: The Springfield Ultra Compact – USCCA
George Hill — May 1, 2005

Springfield’s Ultra Compact (or UC as I’ll call it from here on out) feels very good in the… Read More

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