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DeSantis Holster Options for the Ruger 57

Scott W. Wagner —June 19, 2020

No other time in my memory has more called for carrying the 20+1-shot-capacity Ruger 57 as a primary, secondary or… Read More

Concealed Carry Milestones

Jason Braun —June 18, 2020

Like most of life’s journeys, the evolution from concealed carry newbie to confident daily carrier is marked by countless concealed… Read More

Make the Right Call: What a Cop Sees When Responding to a Home Invasion

Schuyler P. Robertson —June 17, 2020

Imagine you are a police officer. You are six hours into a 10-hour shift. You have already been on a… Read More

The Next Gun After the First One

Beth Alcazar —June 16, 2020

It could be because it’s my birthday in just a few days or maybe it’s because I haven’t personally purchased… Read More

Robbery in Progress: Lifesaving Lessons From a True Story

USCCA —June 15, 2020

Ever wonder what it would be like to be disrupted by the sound of glass shattering in the dead of… Read More

Keeping Your Handgun Secure at Camp

Scott W. Wagner —June 15, 2020

Maintaining security of your firearms is likely the most important aspect of firearms ownership. Having a firearm fall into the… Read More

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