Basic Carry Laws: Florida

USCCA — February 23, 2020

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How Guns Played a Role in the Civil Rights Movement

USCCA — February 22, 2020

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s evokes memories of non-violent resistance to discriminations: marches, bus boycotts and… Read More

Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P380 Shield EZ M2.0

Scott W. Wagner — February 21, 2020

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Community Confessions: Newbie Mistakes

USCCA — February 20, 2020

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Max Effort: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Performance

George Harris — February 19, 2020

Instructors and students alike enjoy learning new skills and techniques in their evolution with firearms. Unfortunately and inevitably, previously learned… Read More

Gear We Love — February/March 2020

USCCA Editor — February 19, 2020

On Point: On Your 6 PPQ SC Holster and Mag Pouch On Point: On Your 6 PPQ SC… Read More