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ARs and AKs Are Scarce: What Else Can I Buy for Home Defense?

Scott W. Wagner —September 11, 2020

Law of Supply in Demand The coronavirus panic started us down this path in March. The fear of this new… Read More

Life-Threatening Encounters Without Firearms

Scott W. Wagner —September 10, 2020

Most gun owners — myself included — probably feel they will never find themselves in a life-threatening situation without a… Read More

True Stories — August/September 2020

Duncan Mackie —September 9, 2020

Bank Shot: North Carolina Woman Defends Against Five Teens A Charlotte woman was at a drive-through ATM when she was… Read More

The Changing Face of Gun Ownership

Beth Alcazar —September 8, 2020

It’s been happening for years now. Your liberal-thinking neighbor. A self-proclaimed feminist family member. Several formerly anti-gun individuals within your… Read More

Basic Carry Laws: New York

USCCA —September 6, 2020

Carrying a firearm for self-defense comes with a lot of responsibility. Knowing the laws where you carry is just one… Read More

Made in the USA: SIG Sauer’s American Dream

Kat Ainsworth —September 5, 2020

It was 1853 when a little wagon factory opened in Switzerland, a factory that would one day become one of… Read More

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