When to Call the Cavalry
Rick Sapp — July 5, 2019

Imagine that you have been involved in an act of self-defense — a shooting. The fact that you, your family,… Read More

Constitutional Debates in a Sound-Proof Room
Klint Macro — July 4, 2019

Prior to becoming an educator, I spent many years as a professional in the recording industry. I invested countless hours… Read More

Anger at the Intersection: Should I Shoot?
Kevin Michalowski — July 4, 2019

It’s been a long day at work, and traffic on your commute home is not making your day any easier. Read More

Gun Review: Kel-Tec SUB2000 .40 — Survival Carbine Extraordinaire!
Scott W. Wagner — July 4, 2019

As the 2019 summer vacation and travel season kicks into high gear, it is important to… Read More

Concealed Carry News: July 3, 2019
Tim Schmidt — July 3, 2019

Friends: This has been a good week for the Second Amendment! Slowly but surely, the common-sense message that more responsibly… Read More

Going Pro: Charter Arms Has a New Middleweight Contender
Kevin Michalowski — July 3, 2019

The fighting revolver has a long and storied history as an effective self-defense tool. But from the old days of… Read More

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