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July 2020 Giveaway: ‘Train Like an Olympian’ Experience

USCCA —July 9, 2020

Ever dream of training with an Olympic gold medalist? How about an Olympic skeet shooter? Wonderful news: The USCCA can… Read More

[D]ANGER: If You’re Mad, Don’t Pick Up a Firearm

Anthony L. DeWitt —July 8, 2020

Everyone has hot buttons. As an attorney, I frequently have to deal with people with whom I disagree. Usually, the… Read More

Represent Born to Protect

USCCA —July 8, 2020

Apparel and gear for proud Americans is now available from the USCCA! Opened just two days ago, the new USCCA… Read More

Sun, Fun, Water and Guns, Part 1: Carrying at the Beach

Beth Alcazar —July 7, 2020

Let me begin by admitting that I have never really been one for the beach. I don’t like the scorching… Read More

Escaping a Rear Naked Choke

Kevin Michalowski —July 6, 2020

While I’m not a huge fan of using a knife for personal defense, there is one time when I think… Read More

Pandemic Protection: Concealed Carry With a Face Mask

USCCA —July 5, 2020

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented number of Americans to adopt face masks as part of their daily lives. This has… Read More

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