School Shootings: What Drives Mass Shooters?
Michael Martin — July 7, 2019

*The following is an excerpt from the USCCA’s Active Shooter: Uncovering What Drives Your Attacker. The… Read More

Should You Have a Safe Room in Your Home?
Scott W. Wagner — July 7, 2019

Around the year 2000, the concept of panic (or “safe”) rooms gained the attention of the news media. The concept… Read More

Free Scenario-Based Training: Another Successful Proving Ground
USCCA — July 6, 2019

You may be aware of our scenario-based training series, Proving Ground. You may have even attended Proving Ground LIVE at… Read More

Self-Defense in the Great Outdoors
USCCA — July 6, 2019

*The following is an excerpt from The Responsible Gun Owner’s Guide to Self-Defense in the Great… Read More

Can I Be Sued?
USCCA — July 6, 2019

The aftermath of a self-defense incident can be extremely complicated — even in the clearest of cases. In this week’s… Read More

Concealed Carry: Gun vs. Knife
John Caile — July 5, 2019

Most men and women who carry a firearm for personal protection have heard the old saying: “Never bring a knife… Read More

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