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Crimson Trace CTS-1400 Open Reflex Sight

Scott W. Wagner —September 25, 2020

The Crimson Trace CTS-1400 Open Reflex Sight eliminates a great deal of the bulk of previous red-dot sight designs. Instead… Read More

Gear You Need to Survive During a Disaster

Bob Campbell —September 24, 2020

You need more than a firearm to survive a natural disaster. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes present their own… Read More

We Are Not the Villains: Protecting Our Children, Part 1

Jim Doyle —September 23, 2020

The most malicious claim against law-abiding gun owners is that we care more about guns than we do about protecting… Read More

Reshaping the Gun Debate

Beth Alcazar —September 22, 2020

Hey, gun owners. I know you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on around us these last few crazy… Read More

Magazine Limits: What Are They and Which States Have Them?

USCCA —September 20, 2020

You may have heard how limiting the magazine capacity of firearms will curb the number of fatalities during mass shootings. Read More

37mm Pyrotechnic Launcher Rounds: Less Lethal, More Noise

Scott W. Wagner —September 18, 2020

Some of the more dangerous improvised items in regular use by violent protestors are commercial fireworks — particularly Roman Candles… Read More

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