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Guns in the News: New Zealand An Unarmed Nation

Rick Sapp —January 2, 2021

A few years ago I backpacked around New Zealand. New Zealanders share some similarities with Americans, but firearms ownership is… Read More

Fortitude Ranch: A Survival Retreat for Long-Term Disaster and Recreation

Scott W. Wagner —January 1, 2021

What a year 2020 was. The uncertainty dumped on us from multiple directions — uncertainty that is far from over… Read More

Red Flag Orders: Chipping Away at Your Rights

Jim Doyle —December 30, 2020

Gun-controllers often call for enhanced gun violence prevention orders. These so-called “red flag” laws are court orders that can limit… Read More

Conversations on Safe Guns and Gun Safeties

Beth Alcazar —December 29, 2020

It never ceases to amaze me how many times I end up answering questions about whether or not guns are… Read More

Ask Ed: Concealed Carry FAQs — December 2020

Ed Combs —December 28, 2020

NOTE: USCCA Customer Engagement team members get a lot of questions, and they pass a good number of them along… Read More

Basic Concealed Carry Laws: Oklahoma

USCCA —December 27, 2020

Carrying a firearm for self-defense comes with a lot of responsibility. Knowing the laws where you carry is just one… Read More

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