The 6 Essential Parts of a Home-Defense Plan
Tom McHale — May 12, 2019

If you interpret “home defense” in the broadest sense, the objective is to protect your people and your home from… Read More

Firearms at Disney World? The Happiest Place on Earth May Not Be the Safest
Beth Alcazar — May 11, 2019

A somewhat little-known fact about me is that I worked for The Walt Disney Company for about five years. I… Read More

What Is Constitutional Carry?
USCCA — May 11, 2019

When it comes to concealed carry, states have different laws about what permits, if any, are required before an individual… Read More

Subcompact Pistols for Summer Concealed Carry
Tom McHale — May 10, 2019

Subcompact pistols are light, portable, convenient, effective enough for self-defense and easy to conceal. That makes them ideal for summer… Read More

Raising the Next Generation of Gun Owners
Rick Sapp — May 10, 2019

As one gets older and gains perspective, things pop into the rear-view mirror. Looking back, I’m worried that I didn’t… Read More

Firearms and Alcohol
John Caile — May 10, 2019

Anytime we pick up a gun, we are taking on an awesome responsibility. Obviously, when we decide to carry a… Read More

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