Are 911 Calls Recorded?
USCCA — July 13, 2019

Are you prepared for what happens after you pull the trigger in self-defense? After a stressful defensive event, especially one… Read More

Vote Sapp 2020 for FREE STUFF!
Rick Sapp — July 12, 2019

If I were not already convinced of how great America is, all I would have to do is listen to… Read More

Everyday Carry (EDC): A Good Idea for Several Reasons
John Caile — July 12, 2019

The USCCA strongly endorses everyday carry — carrying a defensive firearm whenever and wherever it is… Read More

Do You Remember Your First ‘Big’ Handgun?
Kevin Michalowski — July 11, 2019

It must have been right around 1979. Apparently, my father had been thinking about buying a revolver for some time,… Read More

Defending Others Against Edged-Weapon Attacks
Scott W. Wagner — July 11, 2019

Back in March, I discussed a news story from Maricopa County, Arizona, in “It’s Never a… Read More

Scenario-Based Training: Actions Have Consequences
USCCA — July 10, 2019

  In this edition of Proving Ground, USCCA employee Spencer is taken from work unexpectedly and dropped into a defensive… Read More

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