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Left-Handed Guns: How to Choose

Michael Woodward —January 1, 2009

Almost every article I read in gun magazines seems to be written with a right-leaning bias. Well, this article is… Read More

Home-Defense Guns: Best Firearms Options at Home

Duane A. Daiker —February 1, 2008

Concealed Carry Magazine focuses on the needs of private citizens who choose to lawfully carry concealed weapons as they go… Read More

Beretta 21A Bobcat

George Hill —October 1, 2007

I recently had the chance to pick up what is just about the cutest little pistol ever made. The Beretta… Read More

Gun Review: The SCCY CPX-1, Great for Concealed Carry

Duane A. Daiker —July 1, 2006

The CPX-1 is the first firearm offered by SCCY (formerly Skyy Industries). Many people will tell you that… Read More

Cleaning Your Glock Made Simple: 10 Easy Steps Towards a Clean Gun

Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D. —February 1, 2006

Given the common maladies of aging — such as arthritis — which affect hand strength and dexterity, old geezers like… Read More

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson 3913 TSW

Duane A. Daiker —February 1, 2006

In the 1980s, police departments across the country started trading in their Smith & Wesson revolvers. They looked to a… Read More

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