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Searching For the Perfect Tactical 20-Gauge Shotgun

Diane Walls —January 1, 2010

Vang Comp Remington in full recoil. The 20-gauge is more controllable than any shotgun I’ve run before. In… Read More

Snap Caps vs. Dummy Cartridges

Dennis Cantrell —January 1, 2010

This Glock is safe to dry-fire without snap caps. The caps can act like dummy cartridges to test… Read More

Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry: Yea or Nay?

Frank W. James —November 1, 2009

Don’t Overlook Shoulder Holsters To many, shoulder holsters are about as popular as spoiled milk and as useful as a… Read More

Gun Review: S&W Model 327 – Eight Rounds for CCW

Todd Burgreen —July 1, 2009

The unique aesthetics of the S&W Performance Center’s Model 327 revolver immediately attract attention on dealers’ shelves. It shocks the… Read More

Home-Defense Guns: Best Firearms Options at Home

Duane A. Daiker —February 1, 2008

Concealed Carry Magazine focuses on the needs of private citizens who choose to lawfully carry concealed weapons as they go… Read More

Gun Review: The SCCY CPX-1, Great for Concealed Carry

Duane A. Daiker —July 1, 2006

The CPX-1 is the first firearm offered by SCCY (formerly Skyy Industries). Many people will tell you that… Read More

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