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What’s in Your “Get Home” Bag?

Kevin Michalowski —January 27, 2016

You do have a “get home” bag, don’t you? If not, how do you expect to get home? Sorry about… Read More

Revolverution: Why Not a Wheelgun?

George Harris —January 27, 2016

Revolvers are popular first guns. Their simplicity is very appealing to new shooters, and what they lack in… Read More

Active Shooter Reported at Naval Medical Center in San Diego

USCCA Editor —January 26, 2016

Tuesday morning, authorities were notified of a possible active shooter in the Naval Medical Center located in San… Read More

Don’t Buy Your Wife a Gun

Beth Alcazar —January 26, 2016

With Christmas only one month gone, I’m still hearing from scores of women who received guns from loved ones over… Read More

Second Amendment Supporters Join Together

USCCA Editor —January 25, 2016

On January 18th, members and supporters of Virginia Citizens Defense League bonded together near the Richmond, VA clock… Read More

What is in Your “Get Home” Bag?

Kevin Michalowski —January 22, 2016

You know what a “go” bag is, do you not? I won’t assume. A “go” bag is that bag full… Read More

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