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Carrying in the Dog Days of Summer

Scott W. Wagner —July 13, 2020

I just got back from running errands in 88-plus-degree heat. Can’t say that I like it much anymore. My idea… Read More

True Stories — July 2020

Duncan Mackie —July 13, 2020

When the Smoke Clears: Texas Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Barbecue Robbery A Dallas man was at a late-night barbecue… Read More

New Puerto Rico Gun Laws Page

USCCA —July 12, 2020

Puerto Rico is about three times the size of Rhode Island with a population of roughly 3.2 million. It became… Read More

A Look Back: Great Shooters in History

Frank Jastrzembski —July 11, 2020

Ed McGivern, “Jelly” Bryce, Annie Oakley and “Wild Bill” Hickok are legendary names in the world of marksmen. But what… Read More

Caldwell E-Max Shadows Bluetooth Noise-Reducing Earplugs

Scott W. Wagner —July 10, 2020

I have never been a big fan of earplugs for shooting hearing protection. They just never seem to provide the… Read More

July 2020 Giveaway: ‘Train Like an Olympian’ Experience

USCCA —July 9, 2020

Ever dream of training with an Olympic gold medalist? How about an Olympic skeet shooter? Wonderful news: The USCCA can… Read More

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