First of all, let me say that I have never written to the editor of any magazine before. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading both the introductory issue (during which I subscribed to the magazine) and the March/April 2004 issue. I found the articles refreshing and enlightening.

The article on the G36 was very timely, as I recently purchased this firearm; and, I would agree with another reader that the magazine not be dedicated to Glock only, but to all concealed handguns, accessories and uses.

While reading the March/April 2004 issue I came across a letter to the editor that I must respond to. The letter is on page 3 by Rabbi Sander Goldberg, titled OPINIONATED…

I agree totally with the way the article on the G36 was written. I do not care to see the technical details about a particular handgun. These are available in numerous magazines. If this is what you printed, you would be no different than the numerous gun magazines on the market. I subscribed to “CONCEALED CARRY” to read articles like; what firearms and accessories are available for Concealed Carry, how did people use there weapons to prevent a crime, 2nd Amendment issues, types of training we can do at home or at the range, where training is available…Basically the format you have chosen for the magazine.

I do not need to know how many lands and grooves the barrel has, how the ejection system functions, what the muzzle velocity was, or how far into gel the bullet travels…If I need that information I can find it in any other gun magazine. I need to know what I can carry, how best to conceal it and how to use it in many different situations. I believe your magazine answers my questions. Thank you for your time.


—John,  TEXAS

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