Only Two People Need to Know You Have a License to Carry: You and Your Spouse

The article “Post Office Law” [by K.L. Jamison] in the February/March issue of Concealed Carry Magazine is an excellent educational tool. It not only informs members how the Post office is interpreting the law, but it points out the need to keep one’s mouth shut about having a license to carry concealed.

One can only assume that Mr. Dorosan’s boss found out he had a gun in his car by seeing it openly exposed or by Mr. Dorosan bragging to a fellow employee that he had a gun and had it in his automobile.

Newbies always seem to want to tell everyone they have a license to carry a concealed gun or they run around unveiling the gun. Anyone doing this deserves the consequences of their action. There are only two people who need to know you have a license to carry a concealed firearm: you and your spouse.

— Dale R. Deming

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