Okay, You Have to Bug Out. What Are You Grabbing?

I know that this is the best place to go with this question.

We all own different makes of Firearms. In this day and age, most of the firearms out there are of good quality. Yet if you did have to return your firearm for work that was covered under the warranty, who did the best job? Was there solid customer service if you spoke to someone? Did they get your product back to you in a timely fashion? Of course, I want mine yesterday, but sometimes it does take a couple of weeks.

Just from my personal experiences.. I use ceramic stones, and leather stops. How about you all? I would like to learn, what the members do to keep their knives sharp. I know all of us will learn something new!

I just wished to get a pulse on what you are all thinking and ensure that I am not out on a limb with my thought process. Bad thing happens and you have to bug out. Your bag is packed. You only can bring one rifle, and one pistol. What are you taking? I just was wondering what you are all thinking? I hope to get some good ideas from you all. This is a tough one. I have been pondering and trying to figure this one out myself.