Soon it will be camping season. Meaning people will be dusting off their campers and recreational vehicles and getting ready to hit the open road. This also means it is time to start thinking strategically about how you will defend yourself and your loved ones when you travel, often far from immediate police response.

Nothing is Cover

It is important to remember that just about nothing in a camper or RV is effective cover. Remember that cover stops bullets. Concealment just gives you a place to hide. Maybe the refrigerator will stop bullets if it is filled with food and beverages, but because it is built into the wall you can’t expect to get behind it. A mattress or bed in the master bedroom might also stop incoming rounds, but you can expect a difficult time getting to that location if you have to fight your way past a bad guy bent on taking what you have. If you “stage” your firearm in a locked box you will have to get to the box, open it and attempt to get your gun into the fight.

Your best course of action is to keep your gun on you at all times when you are awake. If someone forces entry into your RV, you won’t have to scramble to find your gun. It will be right there on your hip.

Where is your gun?

Remember, a fight in an RV is going to be a violent, dynamic and close-quarters engagement. If you are more than three seconds away from your gun, you are unarmed. You won’t have time to gain access to weapons stored on the other side of the room.

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