‘No Border, No Wall, No USA at All!’

Flirtation with an Ancestry.com cheek swab confirmed what I already suspected: I am Northern European and a dab of Iberian. Genealogy.com says our family’s nationality “appears to be a mystery to all researchers [and] may be German, Dutch, Irish, Scotch-Irish, and English.” Thus, I have a special interest in European history (though my family name appears nowhere in lists of royalty and may actually be descended from German lawyers).

So, in a not-too-clever segue, a recent Breitbart.com video depicted a “mob of left-wing activists [who] carried red flags and wore all black with masks and helmets.” As they marched in Washington, D.C., they chanted, “No border, no wall, no USA at all!”

As a student of history, a lover of travel and a responsibly armed American, I cannot possibly explain the danger of anarchist mobs such as Antifa, but I would like to try.

Here is an example from European history. It’s practically ancient, but the fundamental actions and motivations apparently never die: greed, ignorance, leaders who believe their own press releases, and a timid wealthy class too self-satisfied to take a stand even in the interest of self-preservation.

Islam crept into Christian Europe prior to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Every year, this giant, single-minded kingdom chipped away — politically, socially and militarily — at the most extraordinarily disunited region of southeastern Europe: Greece, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Wallachia, Transylvania, Moldavia and Italy. These areas were ruled from tiny family castles, petty feudal estates caught in blood feuds and endless squabbles for control of a city here, a mine there and always the peasants. There were no fixed borders, and even if there were, they changed every year and sometimes every month during fighting season. The Islamic sultans were patient and relentless while the Christians bickered and ignored the looming menace. Soon, Suleiman the Magnificent’s armies besieged Vienna and planned to overwhelm Rome and Paris.

In other words, access to Europe was facilitated by a region without borders. Endless war, social disintegration and cultural stagnation were the inevitable results of a borderless world.

Sign on private property-no puking or panhandling or perversion

An actual sign on private property on Central Avenue in downtown Albuquerque. If borders are demolished, expect anarchy. If national boundaries are eliminated, why would state and municipal boundaries stand? Why should your home be immune to an open society? To whom would law enforcement and the military answer? If borders are abolished, expect and plan for chaos.

If we allow America’s borders to collapse, it is then logical to do away with the borders of New York and Ann Arbor. Expect a free-for-all. Any single-minded, ruthless opposition from MS-13 or North Korea can sweep us away. Whether or not we possess nuclear weapons will be irrelevant because no one in this borderless land will have the legal or moral authority to use them in our collective defense.

Loss of borders is a step toward disunity. Then, it is every family for itself, and the silent, law-abiding 47 percent who actually work and pay taxes will flee. But where? Africa, Asia or Central or South America? You’ve got to be kidding. Australia’s thirsty borders are already breached. Old Europe is committing suicide, complaining about too many tourists even as it accepts millions of people who bring nothing to the table of civilization except desire. The moon and Mars are a dream that will never happen.

It is critically important for those of us who believe in constitutional America to fight (in whatever ways are legal and moral) the idea of open borders, of doing away with sovereign states. This is an idea floated solely in the pampered, over-fed, under-diapered Western democracies. (This idea has no traction in Russia or China.)

If America ever collapses, it will be an inside job of ignorance, greed and willful blindness, just like the Balkans in the 1400s. “No border, no wall, no USA at all!”

Over my dead body.