Never Let the Muzzle Cross Anything You Aren’t Willing to Destroy

Um, guys … about the photo demonstrating the drawstroke from the CCW Breakaway Jeans [“CCW Breakaways Jeans” by Don Stahlnecker, May/June 2012 CCM]. I hope that’s the manufacturer’s photo! As I look at the photo the gentleman is pointing his half-drawn gun at one of two bad places: either at his testicles, or at his opposite thigh. Actually, I guess that would be both, wouldn’t it? Guess where the femoral artery runs? The good news is he wouldn’t live long enough the regret the loss of his testicles. Repeat after me … never let the muzzle cross anything you aren’t willing to destroy and take the consequences for. Ever. Even when the gun isn’t loaded. Because, of course, it is (loaded, that is. Even when it isn’t). That’s how we handle guns. At least he’s got his finger on the frame! Yikes!

– Rich Daugherty


Pants pocket carry itself causes this issue, not the holstered pants reviewed in the article. There’s simply no such thing as a carry method that does not result in sweeping some part of your body during the draw. If it bothers you to sweep this particular part of your body, pants pocket carry isn’t for you.

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