My Interaction With a Law Enforcement Officer While Armed

This morning my wife asked me to go out for some donuts. As I left my home and headed to the stop sign at the end of the road, I was speeding. I turned off the street I was on and was going down the road when I was stopped by a city police officer. When he approached my van I informed him I was a licensed to carry concealed and that I had my pistol on my hip. I asked him how he wished to proceed with the stop. He told me to get my license, insurance and registration out. I already had it ready and he told me thank you for letting him know about my gun. I must say for my first stop while having my gun, it went real smooth. Just wanted to share this with everyone.

In the April 2012 Concealed Carry magazine, in the “Voices of the USCCA” section, there was a photo of woman shooting right-handed from a holster purse carried on her right shoulder.

It has been my experience that ladies using holster purses will draw and present more smoothly and safely from a purse carried on the support side, opening forward. A slight turn results in the support side shoulder facing the target, support hand controls purse close to body. Shooting hand opens purse, gets grip, draws and presents to target. Support arms moves purse away (staying above muzzle level similar to using shoulder holster) and gun is clear to fire staying pointed at the target the whole time.

Carrying the purse on the shooting hand side requires pushing the purse out away from the body and usually results in a clumsy presentation.

What are your thoughts?

We had an unexpected experience yesterday while we were out at the local motorcycle shop. After we finished our test ride my wife took off her long sleeve shirt and one of the guys working there had seen her pistol and asked in amazement, “Is that a gun? Is that legal?” With as much media attention we are under right now I was taken by complete surprise that somebody today has never heard that carrying a gun is legal in most places.

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