My Friend Can’t Hit the Broad Side of A Barn

Anyone tried the Beretta Nano yet? It really interests me.

How many of you fellow USCCA members use a non-tactical shotgun for home defense? Do you find the regular shotgun length an issue moving about your home?

The reason I ask is because I would like to get a shotgun for home defense and also use it for bird hunting and shooting clays.

I have been looking at the Benelli Supernova but can’t decide on the tactical or field.

Tactical overall length = 40.0″

Field overall length = 45.5″ with 24″ barrel.

For home defense, will the extra 5.5 inches the field gun has really matter? I apologize for the newbie shotgun question. I need to educate myself more on this, hence the reason for posting this question.

A friend and I took our Concealed Carry Handgun License class together and since then have diverged into two different schools of thought. I think that proper shooting technique and gun handling skills are perishable, and he seems to think that he has his carry license so he is good to go. Today we were out shooting and I noticed that he really stinks. Sorry to put it bluntly. I tried to coach him on what I saw him doing incorrectly but was met with resistance. I was wondering if anyone has an idea that will help me convince him or prove to him that some of the things he is doing are hindering him or if there actually is anything that can be done.