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Mission First: We Must All Be a Force for Good


Yes, we did temporarily postpone the USCCA’s 2020 Concealed Carry Expo in Kansas City. We all look forward to our annual expo every single year, and we are very disappointed.

But we are not done yet!

We will always remain dedicated to finding ways to serve our community of responsible protectors — virus or not.

Born to Protect

It has never been about ticket sales or money or flashy press. The USCCA Expo is about the mission.

That mission is to empower America’s responsible protectors. That means we will do everything we can to ensure the safety and security of our community. That includes following the guidelines provided by our national and local health officials.

Right now, the Kansas City government has declared a State of Emergency and delayed all area events with more than 1,000 attendees for an initial period of 21 days. We are committed to following these guidelines to ensure we are doing our part to support the Kansas City community’s needs and protect the public’s safety.

In fact, we hope this serves as a powerful reminder that protecting the people we love comes in many different shapes and sizes. It has never been about just training with a firearm. It is about looking out for the public good, protecting your health and training to be a responsible protector all at once.

More to Come

Never fear, we are dedicated to honoring every single ticket sold. When the time is right, we will come back together as a community of protectors.

We appreciate your patience during this time and look forward to announcing new dates for the 2020 Concealed Carry Expo as soon as possible.

Stay vigilant, stay healthy and continue to train.

-Your USCCA Team

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