Letters to the Editor – Jan 2010

Correction: The article titled “A Christmas Past I’ll Never Forget” (Nov/Dec ‘09) was written by USCCA member Bob Kellogg. Please accept our apologies for inadvertently leaving the author’s name off the article.

Every time I read this first person account (“24 Hour Superstore” by Christopher Galosi, Oct ‘09) I get more disturbed. I can understand not getting involved in the altercation in the next aisle and in not drawing his firearm; however, after the policeman had “taken control of the scene,” I cannot for the life of me understand standing by while one of the assailants escaped by running right past him. At that point, there was no need to draw a weapon. All that was required was either tripping the attacker or even grabbing him, as the writer clearly states that he was there with several friends. No weapon was necessary, just citizen action. I do think he needs to revise his thinking about such situations.

All in all, to me this sounds like a case of citizen inaction and someone that if they had even considered drawing a weapon under the circumstance shouldn’t be armed. He wasn’t even a “good witness” as he didn’t stick around long enough to give his information.

Pamela Dunn

One of our goals in running these types of personal-experience accounts is to give our readers food for thought about what THEY would do in similar situations, and why they would do it. Not everyone has the same thought processes about any tactical question; because of this, talking it over with people who have similar interests is often very valuable. And that’s really the purpose of our members’ forum, allowing USCCA members to get in touch with each other and discuss thoughts or concerns they might have about issues related to articles that run in the magazine.
~ Editor

Tim and all the staff,
Thank you so much for such a great job with the magazine and the website. I find a lot of really useful info, and I share most of your points of view. Believe it or not, I was a hard core Democrat: my beliefs were anti-gun, and I thought of gun owners as bullies with a Rambo complex who didn’t care about human lives.

Until I read your magazine.

It was a life-changing experience, and made me think deeply about our right to protect our lives, and to look for more information about guns. I took a basic pistol class, and I was blessed to have a great, great NRA instructor, who also recommended I read Massad Ayoob books. Later on I got my concealed carry permit, and attended tactical pistol courses. I also decided that even though I still agree with some views of the Democratic party, it doesn’t represent me, and I switched party affiliations to the Republican party.

I feel safer now than ever before, and I believe I’m better trained now to protect myself, my wife and kids in case of danger, not only through guns, but also being aware and evading dangerous situations (my white zones are lesser now, no more “lalalands”).

Also, I find in this field a great many real, healthy friendships among people who, like me, don’t believe we are Rambos, commandos,or cowboys – just real people who choose not to become victims.

I’m still the same, I just enjoy life with my family, and I want them to be safe, and not to be the easy target of heartless crooks.

Again, Tim, thank you so much for your great job, and I hope we can continue enjoying many more issues of CCM.
Daniel Sanchez

After reading George Harris’ article “Off-Body Carry for the Responsible Citizen” (Oct ‘09), I thought I would share my own off-body carry solution. I have rather severe COPD which requires my use of oxygen 24/7. I purchased an oversize carry bag with two large exterior pockets. My Sig P239 fits very nicely in one pocket and an extra magazine or two fits well along with an inhaler in the other pocket. Not really fast to access, but I am always armed. I suspect I am probably one of the last persons a bad guy would look at but, as Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise.”
Thomas Schooley
Flagstaff, AZ

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