A Letter to Moms

Dear Moms,

I need to ask you an important question. If someone attacked your child, what would you do?

Think about it. Imagine you were leaving your local grocery store, just putting the last few shopping bags in the trunk, when a stranger, armed with a knife, snatched your child’s wrist and started to drag her away. Besides screaming for help, in those few, crucial moments, let’s say you have only two other options: grab a cell phone and call the police, or grab a gun and protect your child. What would you choose?

I know that’s a horrible scenario to consider. But as a mother of three, I also know that parents often find our minds wandering toward these worst-case scenarios because we love our children, and we care about them so much…and we want to protect them from threats and dangers—of all kinds! As a mom, I would assume that your first instinct—and your ultimate choice—would be to do whatever you could to protect your child. In this scenario, to stop a criminal from harming or taking your child, the most effective option would certainly not be to stand by and watch, while desperately struggling to communicate these unimaginable horrors to a 911 operator.

Now don’t get too caught up with a deluge of emotions, misconceptions, misunderstandings, or fear. Just listen for a moment. When it comes to lawful, responsible gun ownership and use, you can do this. If there is nothing else that I am able to effectively share on this blog, please remember that. Seriously. You can do this!

Don’t start lining up all your excuses, either. Firearms are not frightening. Do you know what is?

  • Ignorant people. (People who don’t know…and who don’t care to know. People who spout off gun-hating statistics or who praise political correctness but don’t take the time to check sources or really think about any of the issues.)
  • Careless people. (People who handle guns without caution. Anyone who ignores the rules or the procedures, making others uncomfortable, jeopardizing safety.)
  • Violent people. (People who have terrible motives and even more horrendous actions. Any person who uses guns as weapons to hurt, to harm, to destroy.)

Those are the people that nightmares are made of, the people who create tragedies around us. Those are the things we should fear.

Want to know something else? You don’t know everything there is to know about guns. You won’t know everything there is to know about guns, either. And that’s ok. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you cannot compare yourself, your skills, your equipment, or your knowledge to someone who has been involved in the industry for years. But you can feel guilty for not starting today. And you can blame yourself for not doing research, not taking some classes, not purchasing a firearm, not getting training…or whatever it takes!

Just remember, Moms: we are the ones our children turn to, respect, listen to, and love. They look to us for guidance and protection. And we need more moms to support the Second Amendment, to stand up for our rights, and to do what we can to be better prepared and equipped to care for—and to protect—our families and ourselves. You do NOT have to feel scared or belittled or helpless. And you certainly do not have to feel alone.

You also don’t have to agonize about those worst-case scenarios. Plan for them. Be ready for them. I know exactly what I would do if my choices were to grab a cell phone and call the police or to grab a gun and protect my child. I would do both…just in the reverse order.

Best regards,

A Mom With A Gun

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