LCP Issue

I purchased a handgun a few months ago then decided to apply for a concealed carry permit. It seemed like the thing to do since Wisconsin just recently allowed it’s citizens to obtain one. Why not me? Then I came across the USCCA website and figured it would be worthwhile to join. I must say it is very informative reading all of the articles, hearing all of the various opinions on the how to, when to, and this, that and the other thing.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time at the local range and feel quite confident in my ability to hit what I’m trying to hit. I carry my S&W 686 whenever I can and do keep it concealed very well.

What is a constant on my mind is whether or not I will have it in me to actually pull that gun and shoot a person, if I really needed to.

I guess a person will find out the critical answer to that question if and when that time comes.

Just throwing out there what’s on my mind.

The FFL dealer I frequent ( former DC cop and detective ) recommended that I only use commercial loads for self-defense because today’s forensics can determine if a round was a reload and the DA will use that information against you if you end up shooting someone with reloaded ammo. According to the FFL, the DA will argue that you “loaded with intent to kill”.

That sounds like a fable to me. That statement can be made against any round, commercially manufactured/loaded or not. However, just because it makes no sense doesn’t mean that the DA or anti-gunners won’t use it as an argument. (Look at their arguments against the 2nd amendment!)

Has anyone else heard this or have experience with DAs using this to influence judges or juries?

I finally had a few minutes to run a box of Hornady Critical Defense through the Ruger LCP (Light Carry Pistol). It had been a while since I shot it last, so some re-acquaintance time was necessary (as mentioned here, skills with the tiny pistols seem to be more quickly perishable than others). Half way through the box I had a double feed (depending on your definition). I tend to think of it as a Failure To Eject (FTE), since it did extract and we are talking about an empty case.

At any rate, the empty was almost clear of the top of the port, jammed at a slight angle off horizontal, and the live round was started up the ramp jammed underneath it. It happened a second time exactly the same a little while later. I know troubleshooting long distance is nearly impossible, but I had no trouble with over 200 rounds of ball ammo I put through it. Maybe it is my grip, the ammo or the ejector? Your thoughts, please. I’m sticking with ball ammo until I get a handle on this. This gun is a back up gun. For what it’s worth, it is new and is clean and lubed at the time.