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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Gun Owner in Your Life


HO, HO, HO-ly crap! The holiday season is upon us, and you might still need gift ideas for the shooter in your life. Don’t panic! (The literati among you will say those words are written in “large, friendly letters” because, well, if you know, you know.)

So, let’s get into this with the single best gift you can give the shooter in your life: Ammo! Yes, ammo! (Always with an exclamation point, because ammo! is such a great gift it deserves extra punctuation.)

There are any number of great online retailers selling ammo!, but the catch is the shipping when you order online. Look for the free shipping deals and buy at least 500 rounds. Actually, any amount of ammo! fewer than 500 rounds is an inadequate holiday gift and will only serve to cause discord at the gift-opening celebration. Go to one of the major outdoor retailers (not Dick’s) and buy a carton of bulk ammo!. The caliber doesn’t even matter. If you buy someone you love 500 or 1,000 rounds of ammo!, that person will then have reason to go buy a gun that fires that round. We call that a win-win when it comes to holiday gift-giving.

Based on the EXACT wording of the ATF Form 4473, you might not actually be able to legally buy a gun as a gift for another person, but if you were to consider getting someone a gun, Ruger makes a nice little defensive pistol called the LCP II. It is a great pocket gun designed specifically for concealed carry. But hey, why limit to just one maker? Kahr Arms, Kel-Tec and several other makers are producing these tiny, easy-to-carry and ultra-concealable guns. I would be willing to bet that, for the right person, a neatly wrapped gun box would be even more exciting than one of those tiny boxes from Tiffany’s this holiday season. Everybody loves a cute little gun.

What good is a gun without a holster? If you don’t know the make and model of gun your loved one carries, can you even call that person a loved one? Really? But what kind of holster should you buy? Does your loved one carry an inside-the-waistband holster or a paddle, slide, hybrid? Have you considered the ShapeShift Core Carry Pack by Alien Gear? This modular holster system offers all sorts of different options for carry style and location. Check out this video.

This is a cool holster system that, for the price of a single holster, gives multiple carry options. So, please, prove your love to a family member or friend by finding out what make and model of gun he or she carries, and buy gifts accordingly.

If you have a gun and a holster, you will need a belt. I just came into possession of a couple new belts from CrossBreed, and let me tell you … I am impressed. I am also assured by the folks at CrossBreed that if you order today or tomorrow and select the “quick ship” option, you will have the belt by Christmas. You can also order a “customized” belt and choose expedited craftsmanship for holiday delivery. Really, I like their new belts. Go look for them. They make great gifts.

Finally, it was never Christmas at the Michalowski house until the edged weapons came out. (That sounds bad, doesn’t it?) It’s not like we were fighting with the edged weapons, but a holiday hatchet-throwing contest would not have been out of the question. Strange as it seems, Uncle Lefty never really got involved, and I never really got to the bottom of why, but I’ve heard that in his day he could throw a hatchet like nobody’s business.

A nice folding knife is always a good gift. Get one that says something about the recipient. A couple of years ago, someone got me the Fossil by CRTK. Check it out. I wonder what they were trying to say…

Well, I have to finish my shopping. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Save America … buy a gun.

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