Kansas City Woman Stops Home Invasion with Her Gun

Recently a Kansas City, MO woman warded off what would have been intruders by firing off shots. As KMBC reports, the woman heard someone attempting to open the front door while spotting two people headed toward the back door.

She took a look through the blinds and noticed, “the men putting on gloves and raising their feet to try to kick their way through the sliding glass door.” That’s when she pulled the trigger and fired her gun directly ahead. The intruders returned fire as they ran away.

Local law enforcement made arrests at a nearby hospital where one of the men was being treated for a gunshot wound. They said the shooting seems to be justified, with Sgt. Marisa Barnes telling KMBC, “If you’re in fear for your life, most definitely we want you to protect yourself.”

The woman’s husband had left the house to get an oil change in one of their vehicles just minutes before the group attempted to break in. He told reporters that he was proud of the way his wife handled the terrifying situation and how she knew exactly what to do.

“The way times are, people, they’ll kick in on you anytime or anything, you know, you’ve got to protect yourself,” he told KMBC. “I told her she’d done the right thing. We practiced that.”

It’s encouraging for us to see citizens teaching their family about the importance of self-defense and knowing exactly what do to in the event that they feel they could be in danger in their own home. The USCCA is here to help families protect themselves by offering a number of resources and educational materials to help you become a responsibly armed citizen. Visit our website for training guides, drills to keep your skills sharp, information on guns and gear, and more.

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