J. Dewey Model #6 Pistol Cleaning Kit

Someone much wiser than me once opined: “A clean gun is a happy gun.” While I try to keep my guns reasonably clean—especially my duty pistol—I used to be much more fastidious about it.

I suppose much of my newfound lack of attention to cleaning detail comes from the fact that most of my current crop of rifles and pistols are pretty low maintenance compared to my blued steel duty guns of old, which required a wipe down every time I went on duty and came off-duty. Rust was an-ever present enemy back then.

I first heard of J. Dewey cleaning rods from a sniper instructor buddy of mine. They are his top choice for maintaining his rifles. J. Dewey is an American, Veteran-owned, family business that has been manufacturing cleaning rods and kits in the USA since 1975. For this review, they sent me their Model 6 (.38/.357/9mm) pistol cleaning kit.

The kit ships in a soft 5×9 vinyl zippered case—excellent for stowing in a range bag or on the shelf in your cleaning area. What is nice about the case is that its interior space is not maxed out, which means there is room for more patches and cleaning solvent. The basic cleaning kit contains the following components: a 6-inch brass 6-LB cleaning rod with a removable 22MG brass cone shaped muzzle guard, a brass 2245L patch loop, a brass core, a B38P bronze bore brush, a package of cotton/flannel cleaning patches, a .5-ounce bottle of Shooters Choice Lubricant, a 4×6 silicone wiping cloth, and a GB-5 double-ended military cleaning brush. Other components may be added as options, and J. Dewey included their 6 HDB 6.5-inch brass rod with ball bearing handle as an option for the basic test kit.

When I opened the vinyl zippered case, the attention to detail and quality was immediately apparent. The red-handled HDB rod caught my attention first. It is shipped with a yellow rubber threat-protecting cover. The 6-inch brass cleaning rod did not have one. The HDB brass rod turns easily in and smoothly in the ball-bearing handle. Both the standard loop-end brass rod and the ball-bearing cleaning rod are heavy, solid pieces of brass—nothing like the cheap hollow core aluminum rods one finds at large discount houses. The muzzle protector cone has an impressed, checkered surface that provides a sure hold for fitting it to the rod, while the cone itself is smooth.

The cleaning loop and bronze brush screw smoothly into place, showing the machining of the threads of both parts is precise. J. Dewey kits are made with the quality found in the Golden Age of shooting, when all shooting support gear was USA-made and of high quality. The difference between this kit and the cheap, overseas-made kits so readily available is huge. But what isn’t huge is the price difference.

The basic Model 6 Pistol Kit retails on the J. Dewey website for $21.95. The addition of the 6HDB rod brings the price up to $34.95. These cleaning tools are good for a lifetime, and as proof of that, J. Dewey provides a limited lifetime warranty. This pistol kit is great for CCW holders to pack in their suitcases when traveling as a “just in case,” should you find yourself visiting a local range or getting caught in inclement weather. Not long ago while working on duty, I was caught in a major deluge. I had to strip and wipe out my Beretta 92 with a paper towel. It would have been nice to have this kit available to assist with that task.

The J. Dewey website contains many other specialty cleaning items for competitive shooters or shooters who use their tools in life-or-death situations. After handling and testing a sample of their equipment, I see why my buddy recommends them. Who knows, the J. Dewey Pistol kit may make me want to clean more often.

For more information, go to: www.deweyrods.com.

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