Is There a Limit to How Much Gear You Need?

Most responsibly armed citizens don’t leave home without their gun and ammunition in tow. But one question that often comes up is “How much gear is enough?” In addition to your gun and preferred holster, you know you should have sufficient ammunition, but how much? And what other items might you need on hand if you encounter a dangerous situation? Is there such thing as too much gear?

To an extent, the amount of extra gear a person should carry will vary from person to person. Steve Collins, owner of a training facility in Wisconsin and a teacher of concealed carry and defensive firearms and tactics courses, told Concealed Carry Magazine that time and experience may help you determine how much extra gear is right for you. However, he also advises that those who carry concealed consider a few of the following items as extras to carry regularly:

  • Emergency Light Source/Knife – Flashlights and folding defensive knives are useful for a number of purposes on a daily basis, in addition to situations where one would need to defend oneself, Collins writes.
  • “Non-lethal” defensive tools – Pepper spray and other tools may be a person’s only means of defense if they aren’t permitted to carry their concealed handgun in certain areas or locations. Collins highly recommends receiving training for the use of such devices like you would a gun, noting “otherwise, they become little more than good luck charms.”
  • Reload for Daily Carry Guns – Most firearms training instructors consider this mandatory—not just to reload during a fight, but also in the event that a gun malfunctions and ammunition needs to be replaced. As we recently shared, many of the issues that cause a semi-automatic pistol to malfunction can be remedied by replacing the current magazine with a new one.

Ultimately, Collins writes that whether an amount of gear is too much or not enough depends on the individual. It’s a matter of personal choice that time and experience will help you determine in order to make you most comfortable with the amount of gear you can and should carry.

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