Is Pocket Carry Right for You?

Pocket carry has become a top choice for responsibly armed citizens, as it is one of the simplest yet most versatile ways to keep your gun easily accessible, should you need to defend yourself at a moment’s notice. It’s especially easy because most articles of clothing have pockets, and pocket holsters are very easily conceal-able in most pockets. Unlike other types of holsters, many carriers find pocket carry extremely comfortable since the holsters do not create any pressure points like a shoulder holster does, for instance.

There’s also the obvious factor of excellent concealment. When carrying in your pocket, you don’t run the risk of your gun being seen if you have to reach overhead or bend down. As Duane Daike of Concealed Carry Magazine who is also founder of K&D Holsters says,“People are used to seeing pockets stuffed with things… Most bulging pockets don’t get a second look – the average person doesn’t look for a gun in a pocket because that’s not how people on TV carry guns.”

Two other points that attract people to pocket carry – “ready” access and affordability. While not the quickest to draw, guns in pocket holsters can be drawn with a complete firing grip and with the carrier in a non-threatening posture. Carriers also appreciate quality pocket holsters because they are rather budget-friendly, typically costing around half the price of a quality inside-the-waistband, belt, or shoulder holster.

Of course, there are a few cons to pocket carry that should be mentioned before you decide if this is the right mode of carry for you. As we mentioned above, drawing from a pocket holster is a bit slower, and pocket carriers are limited to the size of gun they can carry. Accessing the gun with the non-dominant hand is also more difficult for pocket carriers.

If you feel like pocket carry is the best concealed carry mod for you, our best advice is to look at and try out different styles before you make a purchase so that you’re completely comfortable when you carry.

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