Is It Still Safe to Carry My 10 Year Old Glock?

I probably will us it for winter carry. I prefer Kahr pistols for summertime, and have been distracted by 1911’s and revolvers the last couple years. Has anything changed in the Glock mechanism that I need to check? I see they’re now up to “Generation 4” in some models.

Still safe to carry round in chamber?

I saw a very interesting magazine belt holder in a video but I cannot locate or identify it. I am attaching a sketch and would like information about what it is and where it is available.

I’ve had some time to “paw” some of the guns that you all have mentioned in a previous post of mine (thanks to all for your input) and I’ve narrowed it down to the Taurus PT709 Slim, the Kahr PM9 or Kahr CW9, or the Walther PPS.

The Kel-Tec 9 single stack is probably even smaller than any of the above but, for me, just a little too small in that it is so light for a 9mm gun that it “snaps” pretty significantly. The three other models above seem to shoot much more smoothly and are sufficiently slim for pocket holster carry (my carry method of choice).

Do any of you guys or gals have any input (for or against) these guns that I’m considering?

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