Introducing Pacifiers and Peacemakers with Beth Alcazar

So, I am super excited about this. THIS – my new column on the USCCA Blog! I want to welcome you to Pacifiers and Peacemakers.

I’m not a firearms expert. I suppose, technically, I am not an “expert” in anything, except maybe incorporating obscure grammatical oddities and random Disney trivia into everyday conversations. I’m not a handgun-shooting phenomenon, either. I’d grade my zombie-annihilation skills as “average to good.” But I am a mom who cares… and a mom who carries.

My husband and I have three children: an 11-year-old daughter, a 4-year-old son, and a newborn baby girl. These three busy, crazy, little whirlwinds are in very different stages of their lives, so it makes for a VERY interesting household. There’s nothing I would change about it. And there’s nothing I would not do for my family. I’m a concerned and prepared parent who wants to do the best I can to protect my children, keep my family safe, and share that knowledge and inspiration with other women and other moms. This blog, then, is kind of a learning experience as much as it is a sharing experience. It’s a down-to-earth, real-world mom’s perspective on living safely with children… and with firearms.

I guess I see this column as a bit of a sounding board as well as a bit of a brain dump. It’s the perfect place for relevancy, redundancy, and, perhaps, a bit of lunacy. I am a mom of three, after all. When I talk about training, it’s not necessarily associated with the potty. And if I mention the baby on my hip, it could very well be my Springfield XD-S. So, for the other carrying moms out there, this isn’t just my story—it’s yours. And whether you laugh, cry, support me, or question me, I’m glad to have you along for the journey.

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