I’m a Liberal and I carry. Is There a Place for Me in the USCCA?

My membership is close to expiring and I don’t know if I will renew it. I have enjoyed much of the content available through the magazine, but the tone of the discussions here is significantly skewed to the right. I consider myself center/left and wonder if there are others who are pro gun and liberally minded politically?

I have a leather IWB holster that I wear about eight-ten hours each day. Each night I typically give my gun a good wipe down and put a drop of oil of my rails. I’ve always assumed that the leather holster can pull the moisture out of the gun (as well as my skin) so I figured the wipe down will clean the gun and it needs a little lubricant. Is this good practice or overkill? Does my gun need the oil or am I overdoing it?

I’m going to buy an AR-15 of some type before the fall and am looking for recommendations/reasons for one particular model over another. I already have a Ruger Mini-14, and I’d like something else that can shoot both .223 and 5.56. (In an emergency situation, my wife, who’s a very good shot with a rifle, should also have a decent rifle and likes the Mini-14.) I’m looking for something for myself that can share the same ammo.

I looked into the Ruger 556, which seems like a nice rifle, but the gun is quite heavy, the quad rails are probably overkill for me and the gun’s pretty expensive. Any other suggestions on an AR platform that I should consider? Or should I just go for another Mini-14? Primary use would be home defense and possibly hunting.

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