If Money Was Not An Issue

If money wasn’t an issue, what gun, ammo and holster would you carry?

I carried a Walther PPS for awhile and recently switched to a Glock 27 because I shoot it better. However, I stopped and thought about this, and began to question why I didn’t man up and see if Kimber is as sweet as everyone says? If the life of loved ones and mine is on the line, why would I let $300 determine life or death for us?

After reading about the Peter Soulis incident (Officer Soulis fired back at a man who was shooting at him hitting 22 times with a .40 caliber pistol before the man died), I’m now doing more homework and questioning the stuff I thought I knew. What do you think?

Just got a new Tagua Middle Back holster for my 92FS, and am looking for suggestions on ways to ease the stiffness of the fit so it doesn’t take a quarter-ton truck and a tow rope to draw. Does anyone have a proven method they’d like to share for breaking in new gun leather?

Response from a USCCA member who is a retired leathersmith:

Practice draws and shoe-wax are excellent advice. Just do not do the  plastic bag trick. Sweating on it is also not a good idea. The salts in sweat will ruin an unprotected holster, and getting it damp will ruin its fit.

Better than using a plastic bag to stretch the holster just a little, is making a couple of hundred practice presentations from it. You need the practice. The holster needs the use. You both win in the end.

It doesn’t have to be done all-in-one-day. A week’s-worth of practice, at 10 minutes a day, should do the trick. As I just wrote, you (and the rest of us too) need the practice.

Protect the outside of the leather with cake (not liquid) wax. You can use Neutral (colorless) Kiwi shoe “polish,” cake furniture wax, or even straight beeswax (although it’s a lot of work). Leave the holster’s insides alone.

Here is some food for thought. I am naturally left handed but thanks to the Military I shoot with my right. 98% of what I do is left handed.

Yesterday I injured my left index finger just passed the knuckle. This required a trip to the ER followed by some stitches. Luckily I shoot with my right, hence the question: Can you shoot with your weak hand?

I must also say that I can shoot with my left but do to the force of habit I choose not to. This injury was unforeseen which made me think, are we really ready for everything out of our control?