Held Him at Gunpoint for Almost an Hour

He did not have a gun or any weapon. They ran up to him as he was putting his key in the door. Held him at gunpoint for almost an hour. While one left the room and the other was going through his stuff he made a break for it and got away.

He is very beat up and cut up bad, said he was so rattled that he doubts that even if he had a gun he would not have had the ability to use it. He is very lucky he got escaped from these thugs they banged him up and cut him up pretty bad. I am pretty sure they cops will get them, just a matter of time.

This morning I had to pack up my gear for the IDPA shoot this afternoon. I grab the box and put the high cap magazine in it, then rack the gun to eject the bullet that was chambered. I then stopped and looked at the gun and noticed the Loaded Chamber indicator was up, is it stuck? I press down on it, nope. Then I noticed the OTHER magazine was still in the gun!

I then do proper clearing by ejecting the mag then anther rack. Okay so I always go by the rules of safety so would probably have been fine but just goes to show you that it take practice, practice, practice of proper handling technique in case on rule had been compromised. Had I shown up at the range with a loaded round in my gun, I would have probably lost my membership.


The ear muffs with the mics are way too hot to wear in the warm weather. What are you using in hot weather? What do you like and dislike?