Have You Ever Wondered Why Switchblades are Illegal

(Note from CCR Editor: My very own permit is a driver’s license wannabe card and the printing come off on the window of my wallet and ruined the wallet and the card. I know what this member is talking about. What are your permit cards made of?)

So, I got my USCCA Member Card today! And ironically, the member card is of higher quality, and a sturdier material, than my CCW Permit?

I used to carry my Glock 21 using a Comp-Tac holster until after much expense and trial, confirmed that it was tearing holes in my pants, even while wearing my pants loose. I believe this was caused by the stress points that the belt hooks had, but it would only happen with the rear belt hook. I also believe that this had to do with sitting down while carrying as this would increase the pressure in the stress point. I believe that a contributing factor to this issue is the size of my sixth point of contact. Even at my skinniest in the army, at 175lbs, my butt was still big. I am thinking that would just increase the pressure on the belt hook when sitting down.

To work on resolving this issue, I modified the belt hook by cutting off the excess plastic so that it was shorter, but still found that it was putting holes in my pants on the rear hook. This became rather expensive.

Given these facts, I stopped carrying with an IWB and replaced my holster with a MaxpeditionFatBoy for general carry. The issue that I have with this is my draw time(not to mention the constant harassment from my wife and others for carrying a ‘purse’). Using this solution, since my pistol and holster are in my bag, the draw time is nearly tripled. Also, nothing says “I’m packing” like carrying a bag that is advertised to carry a pistol. In summary, I miss carrying IWB, but have reservations with attempting to purchase another IWB holster such as the Super Tuck as I am concerned it will just put holes in my pants again.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask was if anyone else have an issue with this? If so, what did they do to solve this issue?

Politicians in the 50s using rhetoric that eerily resembles the “Assault Weapon Ban” set out to convince America that the switchblade was a weapon of mass destruction.

Here is a good article: