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This 6-shot group, all landing in the center of an IDPA target, was fired from a double-action revolver at 15 yards in 16.12 sec.

To pass the Firearms Academy of Seattle’s Master Certification (which encompasses several aspects of defensive handgunning, including accuracy, speed, multiple targets, reloading skills, moving target engagement and low light shooting) the student must first be able to draw and fire six shots in 30 seconds, standing offhand without support. All six shots must hit within the A-zone of an IPSC target, or the “Down Zero” center of an IDPA target.

If the shooter cannot perform this simple task on demand, then they need work on controlling the trigger.


Practice Drill #1: Just Slow Down

If you are taking two seconds to pull the trigger, take four seconds. Slow down your trigger pull to the extent that the gun fires only by gradually building up continuous pressure. You must not know the exact point when the gun will fire. It just fires when it wants to, after you have built up sufficient pressure.


Practice Drill #2: Ball and Dummy

In a 10-shot magazine, load, at random intervals, five dummy rounds and five live rounds. Do this without looking at the magazine, and close your eyes when you load it into the gun. Then draw and fire one round, concentrating on a perfect shot. If it is a live round, and the shot is perfect, you are rewarded by a perfect hit. If it is a dummy round and it is perfect, you are rewarded by no movement in your sight picture. Of course, non-perfect shots will produce misses or a jerk of the sights downward.


Practice Drill #3: Concentration Drill

At four yards, fire one shot into the center of the target, cover that hole with the front sight and fire five more shots, without looking at the target. Do this until you can claim one ragged hole in the target after six shots.


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