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Guns in the News: California Is Burning


California is beset by out-of-control wildfires. Each year, it’s threatened by earthquakes and other natural disasters. Nevertheless, the Golden State is home to millions of wonderful individuals who work hard and believe in a nation of laws. Unfortunately, these good citizens have been largely marginalized by some of their state’s politicians. Their rights are being stripped away before their eyes.

In the last days of its 2020 session, California’s legislature passed three anti-gun bills. That’s right, three! These ended up in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) hands for his signature. That’s bad news.

 Newsom is no friend to firearms owners. “The NRA is doing everything in its power to overturn the will of the people,” he wrote. “Californians took first-in-the nation against gun violence, and we’ll keep doing what it takes to keep our families and communities safe.” It’s apparent by reading his other statements that he is misinformed and misguided when it comes to firearms. “You have a right to bear arms but not weapons of goddamned mass destruction,” he declared. “You need these damn things for hunting? Give me a break.” Wait, weapons of mass destruction? You read it correctly.

The deadline to sign or veto the legislation is September 30. Newsom won’t hesitate to sign these three bills. We live in scary times. Such bills ensure the right to bear arms (and personal liberty) will come to an end in California.

Three-Headed Beast

Assembly Bill 2362, sponsored by Assembly Member Al Muratsuchi (D), authorizes the attorney general to levy fines on licensed firearms dealers. The NRA describes these as “minor technical violations.” Muratsuchi’s legislation is another small cut in an avalanche of measures designed to make business impossible for sporting goods and firearms dealers.

Sponsored by Assembly Members David Chiu (D) and Jesse Gabriel (D), AB 2847 revises the criteria for handgun microstamping. For those not familiar with microstamping, it is when a gun imprints a code onto discharged ammunition. This acts as a tracking device, since the ammunition can be traced to the gun owner by entering the code in a database. This bill also requires the removal of three currently certified handguns from the state-approved roster for any new handgun added. This further reduces your options for self-defense and the protection of your family. Ultimately, the process would eliminate all but one handgun that meets state approval.

Senate Bill 914, sponsored by Sen. Anthony Portantino (D), denies Second Amendment rights to young adults under the age of 21. The bill also narrows the exemptions for loaning long guns to minors. It raises the fees the California Department of Justice can charge for eligibility checks on certain ammunition purchases and precursor parts.

Is There Still Hope?

Fortunately, SB 1175, banning the importation of lawfully hunted African species, failed to receive a concurrence vote in the California Senate. So there may still be hope, Californians. But Gov. Newsom appears bent on stripping Californians of their gun rights. And the scary part is, he may come one step closer to succeeding if these three bills are passed.

About Rick Sapp

After his stint in the U.S. Army, including time as an infantry platoon leader and working with West German KRIPO during the 1968 Soviet invasion, Rick Sapp returned home to earn a Ph.D. in social anthropology. Following his education from the U.S. Air Force Academy, the Catholic University of America and the University of Florida, he moved to France for a year. Rick worked for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service before turning to journalism and freelance writing, authoring more than 50 books for a variety of publishers.

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