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Gun Law News: March 17, 2019



St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Concealed Weapons Would Be Allowed in Public Buildings in Missouri Under Proposal

Concealed weapons could be allowed on college campuses and in churches, child care facilities, polling places and private businesses if one Missouri House measure gains traction. A proposal by Rep. Jered Taylor, R-Nixa, loosens concealed carry language established in 2017. It opens many public institutions that currently ban guns, including universities and government buildings. Private businesses, which now have to give express permission to those wishing to conceal carry, would instead default to allowing the weapons unless otherwise indicated. During Taylor’s third time presenting the legislation Wednesday, he said the changes would allow people to protect themselves in taxpayer-owned buildings.

North Carolina…

Raleigh News-Observer: NC Teachers Who Carry Guns in Schools Would Get Pay Raises Under New Bill

State lawmakers believe a new push to allow North Carolina teachers to carry guns in school has a chance to pass this year. The School Security Act of 2019, filed Wednesday, would boost the salaries of teachers who underwent specialized police training to carry firearms on campus. The same bill was filed last year and died in committee, but Sen. Jerry Tillman, one of the new sponsors of Senate Bill 192, said that the climate has changed to give the legislation more support this year.


Cincinnati Enquirer: More Ohioans Have Concealed Carry Permits Than Ever Before

The total number of Ohioans permitted to carry a concealed handgun grew again in 2018, new data from the Ohio attorney general’s office shows. Enquirer calculations suggest a 3 percent increase in the last year in the number of Ohioans with active concealed carry permits. An estimated one out of 17 Ohioans may be packing a concealed handgun. A total of 69,375 new licenses were issued in 2018, down from last year’s 77,281 new licenses and far below the 2016 record of 117,953. Any permits issued from 2014 on were likely still active in 2018, as concealed carry permits expire after five years.


KOCO (ABC – Oklahoma City): Permitless Carry in Oklahoma: What the Law Does and Doesn’t Allow

Oklahoma will soon join 15 other states in allowing people to carry a gun without a permit or license. The law won’t go into effect until November, and there could be some small changes before then. Democrats are concerned that people won’t need any training to carry. “There are going to be a lot of things that they’re unaware of without that basic training that they’re required to go through right now. They won’t be aware of where they can or can’t carry,” Rep. Emily Virgin said.

South Dakota…

The Associated PressBill to Allow Guns in South Dakota Capitol Heads to Noem

A bill that would allow people with enhanced concealed carry permits to bring guns into the South Dakota Capitol is headed to Gov. Kristi Noem. KELO-TV reports the House voted 44-19 Monday for the bill. Majority Leader Lee Qualm, a co-sponsor, says constitutional officers in the Capitol would benefit most from the self-protection. House Minority Leader Jamie Smith opposed the measure during a recent hearing, saying he supports the Capitol’s current safety system. The measure would require notifying security before carrying in the Capitol. It wouldn’t extend to the Supreme Court chamber or private offices that have controlled access, like the governor’s office.


Deseret NewsUtah House Approves Bill Giving Victims With Protective Orders the Ability to Conceal Carry Gun Without Permit

The Utah House approved a bill Monday allowing those victims of domestic and sexual violence who have an approved protective order to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Rep. Christine Watkins, R-Price, the sponsor for HB 243, said the bill doesn’t change when or where a victim can carry a gun, but just that it can be concealed. “This bill is a pro-choice bill. Every woman should be able to choose whether or not she needs, or wants, to provide a means of self-protection and, if so, she should be free to choose the means that suits her particular circumstances,” Watkins said.

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