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Gun Law News: June 9, 2019



After receiving a threatening phone call several years ago, Debbie Harper joined The Well Armed Woman to learn to be effective and responsible in using a firearm for self-defense. On June 1, several TWAW chapters wore purple and gathered at shooting ranges around the country to participate in #NotMeDay.


The Second Amendment Foundation, along with Calguns Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition, has won the lawsuit against Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff. Sniff had a longstanding practice of “dissuading, discouraging and preventing non-United States citizens from applying for a CCW license.”


Kentucky’s new permitless concealed carry law is set to go into effect in June. Authorities are encouraging people to still complete safety training and educate themselves on the law when it comes to firearms, however. Permits may still be obtained under the new law, but people ages 21 and older who are not prohibited by law from owning a gun can legally carry a concealed firearm without one.


On May 24, Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed eight bills passed by the Democratic-majority Legislature. Measures denied include those designed to tighten who receives concealed handgun permits. The Republican governor justified some vetoes by saying the proposed laws would have usurped his power and derided other legislation as misguided or unworkable.

North Carolina…

North Carolina firearms instructor Michael Pegram decided to fill a gap he saw in firearms training. Pegram’s organization, Echo Firearm Training, now offers classes for children as young as six. Many North Carolina children grow up in homes with parents who own guns. It is important they learn to respect and safely operate and handle firearms.


Gun owners in King William County will now have a reduced fee for concealed carry permits. Permit holders will now pay $3 a year, as the cost was reduced from $50 every five years to $15. A total of 453 permits were issued in King William County last year.


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