Protecting the Children

Do you see the sign? This is a sign I can live with. I would like to see signs like this at every school. Instead we see “Gun-Free Zone.” The gun-free zone, as we have seen, offers no protection to our children, or anyone else.

Funny thing is, liberals will complain about this sign. Some will say, “Schools are no place for guns!” Well, when some deranged lunatic is roaming the halls shooting kids, I would like for someone who cares about those kids to have a gun.

It is odd that a liberal will take no umbrage with a comment like, “If you mess with my kids you will see a whole new level of crazy.” I see comments like that posted on social media all the time. Left-leaning, peace-loving people will not comment when others make such statements. Apparently it is OK for a soccer mom to threaten to “go ballistic” if someone messes with her kids, but it is not OK for a gun owner to suggest we be able to return fire during a school shooting.

I have made this comparison before. Here we go again. I know there are no soccer moms reading this, so please retell this story to any soccer mom or left winger who starts a statement with, “If anyone were to mess with my kids…”

There is a man out there right now deciding to commit a crime. We don’t know where or when he will strike, but he will strike. This man grew up in a home where, at age 7, he was beaten and abused by his mother’s boyfriend. At age 12 he was “jumped in” by a gang and beaten senseless as his rite of passage. By age 15, after a couple years of petty crime, he was sentenced to juvenile detention. (That’s high school for criminals.) He learned some things there.

At age 18, he aged out of foster care and found himself on the street, alone, with no support system. He learned to take what he wanted by force or trickery.

At 22, he was sentenced to a year in the county jail. (Really just a junior college for criminals.) He learned a few more things there, like when to strike when people aren’t paying attention.

Back on the streets, he had no one to trust but himself—his only skills theft, violence and intimidation.  By 28 he was sentenced to three to five years in state prison for a drug violation. (State prison is graduate school for criminals.) Every inmate has nothing but time to study fighting skills, intimidation and trickery.

Released from prison, this man is now on the street. He will not come TO your door. He will come THROUGH it. And when he does, he will take what he wants.

This man has known nothing but violence his entire life. He has no understanding of kindness or mercy. You and your family are merely an obstacle between him and what he wants. He has lost more fights than you will ever be in. He knows when and how to strike and he knows that violence is the way to get what he wants.

What he wants is your money, your car and your daughter.

What level of crazy do you think a soccer mom has that will dissuade this guy? He has seen it all. He has lived it. His whole life has been training to take what he wants by force. What could you do to stop him?

You have no training. You have no experience. You may even believe there is such a thing as a fair fight. Your “whole new level of crazy” will be you battered nearly unconscious while he takes ANYTHING he wants. What will drive you crazy is that you are powerless to stop it.

Your desire to protect your kids means nothing without the proper tools, the proper training and the willingness to use them both when the time comes.

Get a gun. Get training. Practice. Live prepared.

Stay Safe.
Train Hard.

Kevin Michalowski
Executive Editor, Concealed Carry Magazine

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