Gun Crime and the Progressive Agenda

For years, the federal government, through its Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) mouthpiece, has told us that crime is falling in the U.S. Gun crime. Violent crime. Carjacking. Kidnapping. Practically every “category” of crime is diminishing in our land of spacious skies and amber waves of grain. We are apparently becoming a land of peace and light. How enlightened!

On the other hand, statistics are slippery: numbers lie and liars number. Collecting “data” from thousands of departments with few common standards, no requirement to report, no “baseline,” and plenty of political agenda…well, it’s foolish to believe the FBI statistics are in any way accurate. These statistics can only be understood properly as propaganda.

After all, this is the same FBI—all of whose top policy- and decision-making officials are Obama appointees—that recently found Hillary Clinton careless with the handling of America’s most secret information. “Careless” with the identities of informants in dangerous, God-forsaken lands…but not in any way criminal. “Sloppy” with America’s nuclear secrets…but not someone who should be prosecuted.

Of course Hilly repeatedly lied to you and me and to Congress, but that only confirms what we already know: a double standard of justice has grown into a permanent institution in the U.S. and the FBI is part of that system. You get the kind of justice you can afford because of wealth or celebrity or friendship.

We must ask, “Who would be interested in a docile, disarmed public, a public that will roll over subserviently when the master offers it treats?” A government. Whether it was the government of ancient Rome or Great Britain or Imperial Japan or the Soviet Union—and now, I am heartbroken to realize, my own America—there is a self-selected ruling class that desperately wants its servants to remain obedient, willing to live on gruel while the elites dine on flamingo tongue and broiled sparrow heart with truffles.

Hence the perpetual “crime is falling” mantra of the Obama crowd. This is the same crowd that worms the hand of government bureaucracy into your trip to the toilet. That bows to Islamic tyrants. That brags to law enforcement “I’ve got your back,” but instead invites families of criminals to the White House. This is the crowd that bans purchase of ARs in Massachusetts, bans 16-ounce sodas in New York, bans lead-tipped hunting bullets in California. This is the “progressive” crowd, the ones that rig elections and want to seize your guns and rewrite the Constitution to eliminate the Second Amendment.

Does the administration purposefully manipulate the numbers? Well, this is the same Democratic Party that undermined Bernie Sanders in the presidential race and then hired the disgraced party chair (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) for a high-ranking and high-paying job in Hillary’s campaign; that has stonewalled any prosecution of Obama’s man for the “Fast and Furious” debacle; that knowingly lied about the Benghazi attacks by Muslim terrorists. (Clinton said a B-rated movie portraying the “prophet” as a simple-minded warlord incited a crowd.) That refuses to use the term “Islamic terrorist,” preferring “radicalized individual(s)” and hence, entirely, once again, misses the point but says precisely who they are—Internationalists, not Americans.

The progressive crowd has always coalesced around two mantras:

  1. We know what’s best for you because we are smarter and better educated and better connected, and you are little more than a simple redneck hick.
  2. When we have the power, we’ll program your life and make you live the way we plan for you. You won’t have to worry (or think) about a thing.

Progressives are entrenched in power in America now and the next step could be the ruin of our republic, which will become a Fascist state. (FDR praised Hitler’s friend, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, for his vision and “social engineering.”) The next step could be uniforms (eliminating class distinctions in clothing because that embarrasses the poor), a tax on red cars (the color excites the senses), seizure of your retirement accounts (too unequal in a progressive “democracy”), the elimination of advertisements that portray women in bathing suits (that offends Muslims)…and where exactly is John Galt?

Part of the progressive vision is to do away with citizen ownership of firearms. Progressives, through their FBI, say you shouldn’t have and don’t need a gun for any reason, from hunting to self-defense. Under progressive “leadership,” our way of life, our individuality, the land of the free and home of the brave itself, the last, best hope for mankind, could simply wither and die.

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