Grilling While Armed

How about a “Grilling While Armed” (GWA) Recipe!

Mark Walters, AAR Host

Mark Walters, AAR Host

This segment of AAR on the air has become quite popular.  Gun lovers also love to cook their food over an open flame.  Like firearms, Americans love their grills and smokers and the smell of the coals brings back our primal instincts.  Here in the GWA section we’ll pair up a great firearm selection for you to wear that will compliment your choice of BBQ’d delight!

Now, I have to comment here…When I talk about grilling food, I am referring to the term Barbeque…I may use the terms interchangeably even thought there is a difference between the two…grilling denotes cooking directly over hot coals while barbequing is widely understood to mean a method of cooking over indirect heat at low and slow temperatures for extend periods of time.  Unless otherwise noted, I am always referring to the indirect method of cooking, low and slow.

Some things to keep in mind…I’m simple and have been cooking over open coals since my teens.  The operative word here being coals.  I will never and have never cooked over gas and if your idea of barbequing involves goofy, foo-foo recipes from Bobby Flay and a propane fueled gas grill on the balcony or rooftop of some inner-city New York City building, well…I don’t know what to tell you…spend $89 bucks and get a 22.5” Weber kettle…it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made.

The ingredients you’ll need here for the GWA recipes require you to look no further than your local grocer or butcher shop and will never require the Emeril or Bobby Flay required eye of nute or some other stupid root or spice you’ve never heard of.  Nope, I’ll have you cooking award winning BBQ with “off the shelf” items.  And here’s the fun part…when your ready to plate your food, you won’t see any tiny, girly-man portions with some tree twig accessory and dribble of some weird green sauce that required a space age processor and 40 of the ingredient types mentioned above, to prepare…even though it looks pretty…hence the term girly-man…nope, when you’re done with a GWA recipe, you’re going to want to eat!

Here on “Grilling While Armed”, we assume charcoal, lump and wood chunks in an American Made Weber Kettle or any of the various offset smokers made right here in the USA and not some Chinese propane flame machine.

OK, Let’s get started!

Last weeks on air GWA recipe was a homemade, grilled pizza paired up with a nice Beretta!


Grill Method-both direct and indirect-see below

  • one grill
  • any Kingsford Charcoal
  • Leather OWB holster-Galco Concealeable works GREAT
  • A nice Beretta 92 FS works wonderful with the pizza recipe! (or anything else you have)
  • one bag pre-made pizza dough from your grocers bakery works just fine or make your own…your choice- don’t be afraid of the supermarket stuff, it’s great and works just fine-Let sit out for about 1 hour to rise a little
  • extra-virgin olive oil
  • Pizza/tomato sauce-canned or homemade.
  • Mozzarella Cheese-2 8oz bags-shredded
  • any pizza toppings you like

While preparing dough, start the coals in a chimney starter (half –full) or use whatever method works best for you.  Spread using indirect method-coals to one side of grill with “cool zone” on other side.

  • Roll dough to desired thickness
  • Brush one side with olive oil.  Cover entire side
  • Place pizza dough-oil side down- directly over coals and brush top side with olive  oil…rotate often over heat for even crispness of bottom without burning-this takes  only about a minute as dough will crisp quickly.
  • Move crispy pizza dough to cool zone of grill.
  • Spread pizza sauce evenly over top, add cheese and remaining ingredients
  • Close grill lid and allow pizza to “bake” in grill until cheese is melted and bubbling- about 15 minutes or so
  • Rotate often to keep bottom and/or side nearest heat from burning.

Remove from heat on to tray, slice immediately and enjoy with a frosty beverage.  Your kids will love it, it makes a great, quick grilled meal in minutes and it’s FUN- The whole family will enjoy preparing the pizza together.

The size of your grill will dictate the size of the pizza your grill can handle…accommodate the grill by making several smaller pizza’s if necessary or like me…buy a HUGE grill!

Here’s what mine look like, fresh off the grill:

Fresh off-the-grill pizza.

Fresh off-the-grill pizza.

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