New gun manufacturers — and new guns — are great, but sometimes it takes a while for holster manufacturers to catch up and offer something that fits. The FMK 9C1 G2 you see here has been around since 2010 and recently has been enjoying increased publicity. It’s a fantastic gun (watch Concealed Carry Magazine and this space for additional reviews), but I’m having a tough time finding holsters for it. However, because it very closely matches a Glock 19 — in several ways, including general size — I figured a few of my G19 holsters might fit. And I was right! Pictured here are two Falco holsters — shoulder and OWB — and a Jason Winnie IWB. The FMK fits in all of them very well and, as a result, I have three good solutions for concealed carry.

Falco Roto-Shoulder Holster with Double Mag Pouch.

Most shoulder holsters bother me a bit because they carry the gun horizontally, muzzle pointing behind me (i.e., muzzle pointing at things I don’t want destroyed, to refer back to the gun safety rule). Some shoulder holsters, such as this one from Falco, carry the gun vertically, muzzle pointing down. Much better. Anyway, the Falco is hand-molded leather with a steel-reinforced thumb break and a unique rotating feature, allowing the draw of the gun to occur with a more natural draw stroke. A double mag pouch hangs on the opposite side and both sides tie down on your gun belt, enhancing concealment and easing draw. This rig retails for $122.95 and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Falco Comfortable Leather Belt Holster.

This holster is a basic OWB with a retention snap. Retailing for $52.95 and also with a 5-year limited warranty, it definitely is comfortable, mainly due to a couple things: First, the hand-molded leather is thick and soft. This means the body-side part of the rig feels better on body. Second, because the holster is more pliable, as you tighten your gun belt, it pulls the holster in and conforms to your body shape more than other holsters would. A quick side note on retention: If you can have extra retention, you should. It won’t add appreciably to your draw time and the potential of it helping to keep your gun holstered may be invaluable.

Jason Winnie J221 with Steel Clip and Body Shield.

This holster has appeared in other reviews I’ve written, so I won’t belabor it here except to say it’s a great IWB holster. Even though it is a bit on the thick side, it carries whatever gun is in it very low, enhancing concealment. Drawing is a bit slower, however, as it takes a little more time to get your fingers around the stocks of the gun. Retailing for $64.99, the J221 is a beautiful and durable holster and fits the FMK just as well as it fits the Glock 19 it’s made for.

If you’re in the market for an affordable, reliable, U.S.-made pistol like the FMK 9C1G2 — or if you already have one — you do have some holster options, even if holster manufacturers haven’t yet started producing holsters for this particular gun. Keep in mind that a gun needs to fit a holster just right in order for it to be safe and effective. Not all guns and holsters have the interchangeability you see here. But sometimes you can find a good match.