Gear We Love — August/September 2018

Underwood Ammunition Underwood Ammunition

Underwood Ammunition

Now that summer’s in full swing and millions of Americans are hitting the hiking trails again, defensive needs are likely changing as well. These solid copper Xtreme Hunter .44 Magnum loads from Underwood Ammo are excellent defensive options for combating potential threats who walk on two (or four) legs. The cartridges, and the rest of the extensive Underwood line, are available at

MSRP: $42.50/20

Streamlight Protac 2L-X Streamlight Protac 2L-X Flashlight

Streamlight Protac 2L-X

“Tactical” lights that are extremely well-suited to patrol and home-defense use are often too large to effectively carry as part of your EDC, but this unit from Streamlight is ideal for belt or pocket carry. It’s a 500-lumen powerhouse with a programming system that allows for three different operating modes, and it can run on 123A or rechargeable cells. See it and the dizzying array of emergency lighting options available at

MSRP: $85

SIG Sauer 365 Ammo SIG Sauer 365 Ammo

SIG Sauer 365 Ammo

These cartridges are specifically designed to match the recoil, velocity and point of impact you get from your SIG Sauer V-Crown carry rounds. This functionally eliminates any difference between how you shoot on the range and how you will shoot during an emergency, bringing your training up to a level that was almost impossible to achieve in the past. Find them online at or at your local retailer.

MSRP: $18.95/50

Celtic Holsters Full Celtic Celtic Holsters Full Celtic with firearm

Celtic Holsters Full Celtic

This American-made tuckable IWB is thin, comfortable, rugged and features a wide sight channel to accommodate steel combat sights. It’s adjustable for cant and ride height and ships with a lifetime warranty, and there are dozens of options for Kydex color, leather styles and gun models. Head to to design your own.

MSRP: $55

Clens Protector Clens Protector flashlight

Clens Protector

For decades, the biggest drawback to live-fire training with your EDC or weapon-mounted light was cleaning it after you got home from the range. THYRM solved this issue with its CLENS system — sheets of adhesive appliqués that effectively cover the lens of your light while on the firing line and then peel off without residue, taking carbon and other fouling with them. They are available in multiple sizes at

MSRP: $14.99

Holosun HE403C-GR Elite Holosun HE403C-GR Elite green-dot optic

Holosun HE403C-GR Elite

This 2 MOA green-dot optic is ideal for those shooters who have an easier time acquiring and using a green dot than a red one. It mounts easily to a standard rail system and offers battery- and solar-powered modes, allowing the optic to run even without battery power in good lighting conditions. Visit to get yours.

MSRP: $254.11