Gear We Love: The Fobus GL4 Paddle Holster

Ask anyone who carries concealed, and they’ll most likely agree that the selections for concealed carry guns and holsters have never been more plentiful. In most cases, this can make the process of finding the right gun and holster both exciting and overwhelming.

One of the main goals of the USCCA is to educate, train and equip our readers, members and subscribers on all things related to concealed carry, personal defense, home defense, etc.  One way we do that is by reviewing a wide array of guns, holsters and gear that are available on the market today. One of our most recent gear reviews focuses on the Fobus GL4 Paddle Holster.

Fobus is an Israeli manufacturer known for producing high-quality plastic holsters with streamline designs. Fobus’ Paddle Holster is one of the company’s most basic holsters and is made of just three pieces of plastic – one that is tucked behind the waistband of the carrier and two that hold the handgun in place, all of which are connected by metal rivets.

When reviewing the Fobus GL4 Paddle Holster, we found several key advantages of this holster over others.

  • A comfortable fit and the ability to easily conceal when worn with a good belt and a shirt draped over
  • A firm hold on the gun that does not rattle or move while in the holster
  • Even distribution of the gun’s weight
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fits several guns, including Glock 29, 21SF, 30SF, 30S, 30, and 39 (with or without rails)
  • Affordable, retailing at around $30

If you have used this particular holster yourself, leave us a comment to tell us what you think about it.

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