Gear We Love — October 2015

Gear We Love — from the Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical Kit to the J Dewey Pistol Cleaning Kit to the Pachmayr American Legend 1911 Grips.

Gear We Love — from the Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical Kit to the J Dewey Pistol Cleaning Kit to the Pachmayr American Legend 1911 Grips.

1» Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical Kit

This kit weighs only 11 ounces and allows you to carry several essential pieces of lifesaving gear on your person. The unit itself has three pockets and a MOLLE ladder and ships with a SOFTT-W Gen 3 tourniquet, 4-inch Israeli Emergency bandage and two pairs of black nitrile gloves. You are your own first responder; gear up at

MSRP: $54.99

2» Kinetic Concealment Hybrid IWB

This IWB holster’s patent-pending neoprene-backed chassis offers nine different clip positions and affords great comfort while securing a sidearm. Chicago screws allow for two different ride heights and the Kydex shell can be tightened after long use. Learn more at

MSRP: $76.95

3» Dewey Pistol Cleaning Kit

This complete pistol cleaning kit features a brass pistol loop or can be upgraded to include a brass rod with ball bearing handle. It’s mil-spec, made in the USA and includes a zippered vinyl case, brass muzzle guard, patch loop, cotton flannel patches, brush, silicone cloth and CLP. Order yours at

MSRP: $23.95 AND UP

4» Calbico Channel Cleaning Tool

This tool allows you to leave cotton swabs, pipe cleaners, paper clips and toothpicks to their intended purposes. The polymer Channel Cleaning Tool delivers cleaning patches deep into the rails, chambers and other tight areas of handguns and longarms. This allows you to return your firearm to like-new condition after shooting, and it won’t scratch finishes like dental picks. Clean up your act at

MSRP: $9.95; $19/2; $44.50/5

5» Foxx Holsters Super Slim Magazine Carrier

This Kydex IWB magazine carrier allows you to carry an extra gunload in discreet comfort. Tuckable and with an adjustable ride height, it’s available in over 40 patterns and colors and models are available for dozens of sidearms. Pick your pattern at

MSRP: $23

6» Pachmayr American Legend 1911 Grips

These American-made walnut-and-rubber grips from Pachmayr combine the classic appeal of wood with the control and comfort of rubber. Pictured here in the “American Heritage” walnut, they are also available in multiple laminates: Tropical Purple, Passionwood, Evergreen Camo and Charcoal Silvertone. Select yours at

MSRP: $51.50

Gear We Love — from the Oxcreek Tactical G43 Single Clip Hybrid Holster to the Soteria Kratos IWB Holster to the WallHolster.

Gear We Love — from the Oxcreek Tactical G43 Single Clip Hybrid Holster to the Soteria Kratos IWB Holster to the WallHolster.

1» Oxcreek Tactical G43 Single Clip Hybrid Holster

This holster is now available for the Glock 43 and is comfortable, durable and very reasonably priced. The .08-inch Kydex is affixed to the burnished-edge leather backing with four adjustable retention screws, and the easy-on, easy-off clip fits up to 1.5-inch belts. Learn more and peruse other models at

MSRP: $55

2» The Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella

From the company that brought you the original Walking Stick Unbreakable Umbrella, the TSA-compliant Model U-212 is constructed from high-strength aluminum and polyester-fiberglass laminates to allow for maximum defensive capability. Blocks and strikes can be executed with the same ease as a short staff, and the U-212 also features a built-in auto glass breaker. Oh, and it’s a very good umbrella too. Check out demo videos and order yours at

MSRP: $229.95

3» Soteria Kratos IWB Holster

Available in solid- and two-tone color schemes, this IWB holster is handmade from hide to holster in Portland, Oregon, and is named for the Greek spirit of strength, might and authority. One of five IWBs manufactured by Soteria, it (and others) are available in multiple color schemes, with multiple stitching options and closure methods, and with or without basketweave and other adornments. Visit founder Cerisse Wilson at for more info.

MSRP: $114

4» Nite Ize Inova T1

This tactical light is small enough to fit in a pocket but powerful enough to send a 241-lumen beam 446 feet. Crafted from aircraft aluminum and waterproof to a full meter, it offers a full four hours of high-level output from two 123A batteries, features high, low and strobe settings and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. See this and other models at

MSRP: $54.39

5» BioThane Super Belt

This 100-percent American-made belt may well be the most unique belt you’ll ever own. It is lightweight, yet strong to the tune of 4,500-pound tensile strength and will never come unstitched or wear out. Doesn’t stain, doesn’t tear and doesn’t cost a fortune, it’s ideal for multiple concealed carry platforms and as a foundation belt for uniformed law enforcement. Available in black and brown, watch the hilarious demo videos at

MSRP: $59.99

6» WallHolster

This gun security system is completely analog and keyless — no batteries that die, no problems with electrical outages and no keys to fumble with or lose. Depending on the level of security desired, you can order your WallHolster with anywhere from 3,000 to over 134 million possible combinations, and your sidearm will be secured from unauthorized access and theft while still accessible to you and other authorized users. Completely American-made, it is also available in lock box form and available in black oxide, dull chrome, dull brass and gloss white at

MSRP: $120

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