Gear We Love — November/December 2015

Concealed Carry Gear We Love — from the Negrini 1911 Case to the Buffalo Bore 9mm +P Sportsman to the TacStar 12-Gauge Shotgun Sidesaddle.

Concealed Carry Gear We Love — from the Negrini 1911 Case to the Buffalo Bore 9mm +P Sportsman to the TacStar 12-Gauge Shotgun Sidesaddle.

1» Negrini 1911 Case

These handgun cases are 100-percent manufactured in Italy and combine old-world craftsmanship with price points agreeable to modern shooters’ budgets. Each case is secured with two hardened steel combination locks and is available in every configuration from rough and ready to velvet-lined and Italian leather trimmed. Secure your pistol, magazines and accessories in IATA-approved style at

MSRP: $99-$299

2» White Hat Holsters Instructor Belt

Handmade in Texas and available in black and brown, these 1.75-inch belts feature very strong Velcro closure and are edge-stitched to give you years of durability. They are also buckleless, which makes vehicular operations much less likely to result in dents and chips on auto bodies. Round yours up at

MSRP: $69.95

3» Buffalo Bore 9mm +P Sportsman

Made in Montana and designed for defensive use against large mammalian predators, these +P cartridges deliver 1,083 feet per second from a Glock 19 and are ideal for pressing normal carry and duty sidearms into service as backcountry guns. They’re safe to use in any and all modern firearms in good working order, and the hard-cast bullets will not foul barrels like bare lead. In short, they’re strictly business over at

MSRP: $27.36

4» Kinetic Concealment IWB

This is the original neoprene-backed leather Kydex IWB holster. It offers nine belt clip cant positions as well as a high-ride/low-ride shell cant position. Available in left- and right-handed configurations and for dozens of different models, you can learn more at

MSRP: $76.95

5» TacStar 12-Gauge Shotgun Sidesaddle

Defensive shotguns are a staple of private citizen disaster planning, and the ability to keep ammunition close at hand is essential. This sidesaddle-style holder secures five 2.75- or 3-inch shells to the side of your shotgun’s frame for quick access and is available for all popular models. When you need your gun, make sure you can use it as more than just an impact weapon. Visit for more information.

MSRP: $40.98

Gear We Love — from the Wilde Built Tactical Rigger’s Belt to the Sabre Pepper Spray New User Kit to the IWRB Holster System.

Concealed Carry Gear We Love — from the Wilde Built Tactical Rigger’s Belt to the Sabre Pepper Spray New User Kit to the IWRB Holster System.

1» Wilde Built Tactical Rigger’s Belt

This 100-percent American-made rigger’s belt is constructed from 1.75-inch mil-spec parachute harnessgrade webbing rated at over 6,000 pounds, sewn together with five rows of bonded nylon thread and closed with a mil-spec parachute harness v-ring with slider. It’s available in black, coyote brown, ranger green, multicam, A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG at

MSRP: $34.99

2» Gold Star Opti-Carry

Like all Gold Star Holsters, the Opti-Carry is custom molded to the make and model specifications of your handgun. What sets it apart from the crowd is the fact that it can be worn appendix carry, on the side, in the small of the back or inside the waistband. Simple and sleek, go to for more information.

MSRP: $45.95

3» Sabre Pepper Spray New User Kit

This training kit from Sabre includes a normally marked can of maximum-strength UV dye-marking pepper spray and a blue-marked can of water charged to the same pressures as its more potent counterpart. What this means is the user can train with their spray without wasting agent or endangering others in the area. Sabre Red’s been making grown men cry since 1975; give them a look at national retailers or at

MSRP: $14.99

4» RamRodz

Robust yet disposable, the RamRodz barrel and breech cleaners replace traditional cotton patches. The industrial-grade, low-lint cotton heads are attached to strong, flexible bamboo handles and simplify bore cleaning by expanding into rifling grooves and cleaning the maximum amount of surface area with each pass. Leave the regular cotton swabs in the bathroom where they belong. RamRodz are available in five common caliber sizes and in multiple quantities at

MSRP: Varies

5» TetraGun Valupro III .38/.357/9mm Cleaning Kit

Basic and reliable, this pistol cleaning kit is excellent to toss in the range bag or to keep at home if you only have one sidearm to clean. It includes the TetraGun CLP, a cleaning rod, a brass brush, a patch loop, gun grease and patches as well as a carrying/storage case. Head to for other models and ordering info.

MSRP: $16.99

6» IWRB Holster System

Noting that many individuals prefer the easy access of appendix carry but dislike appendix-carry holster options, inventor John Watson created the IWRB, or Integrated Weapon Retention Belt. With space for a small auto or revolver and several magazines, flashlights and other EDC items, the IWRB solves many problems encountered by carriers who want simplicity and comfort without the discomfort some experience with traditional IWBs. Visit for more information.


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