Gear We Love — May/June 2015

Gear We Love — from the Brass Stacker Glock Slide Pull to the Gold Star HOT ROD Center Console Holster to the Liberty Lube CLP and Solvent.

Concealed Carry Gear We Love — from the Brass Stacker Glock Slide Pull to the Gold Star HOT ROD Center Console Holster to the Liberty Lube CLP and Solvent.

1» Brass Stacker Glock Slide Pull

This drop-in modification to your Glock pistol allows individuals with compromised hand strength to more easily rack the slide. It installs with the included hex key and requires no drilling or permanent modification of the gun. CNC-machined from lightweight 6061 aluminum, made in the USA and covered by a 100-percent lifetime warranty, head to to get yours.

MSRP: $45

2» Sneaky Pete InnerPocket

This calfskin leather pocket organizer securely holds a cell phone, single-stack magazine, business cards, identification and other common items in a convenient position to be drawn from the pocket without having to expose the entire unit. Available in exotic prints as well as solid colors at

MSRP: $29.95

3» Gold Star HOT ROD Center Console Holster

Depending on your preferred level of security in your vehicle, the HOT ROD facilitates mounting your sidearm and magazines in the console in order to keep your defensive arms at hand and safely stowed. Once the hook-and-loop backing is mounted to the inside of the console, the holster unit is positioned to your preference for ease of accessibility and a quick draw. Find discreet storage and rapid access with all the coverage of a quality IWB holster from

MSRP: $60.95

4» Cutting Edge Bullets PHD .45 ACP

The PHD — “Personal Home Defense” — cartridge combines Jagemann brass with a deeply hollow-pointed copper solid. Once in a target, the petals on the 150-grain projectile are designed to shear off, separating the bullet into five separate pieces and optimizing its threatstopping potential. Available in common defensive sidearm calibers at

MSRP: $33.99-$39.99

5» PowerTac Cadet Gen 2

With a blinding maximum output of 492 lumens, this unit operates off of a Cree XM-L2U2 LED and a single CR123A battery. Three output levels and a strobe setting make this extremely compact and reliable flashlight an excellent addition to anyone’s EDC. Get yours with an included no-hassle lifetime warranty at

MSRP: $64.95

6» Liberty Lube CLP and Solvent

Liberty Lube CLP penetrates into the pores of your firearm on a microscopic level, preventing it from running off of the moving parts and greatly reducing friction. As it works on the micro level, results are best when you can apply the product and then heat the firearm to lock the lubricant in. Liberty Lube Solvent requires only two to five minutes on your firearm before fouling can be simply brushed away. For more information and a demonstration, visit

MSRP: $20/$30

Gear We Love — from the Nelson Holsters Xcalibur to the Lyman Essential Gun Mat to the Skinner Sights Block/Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Sandwich.

Concealed Carry Gear We Love — from the Nelson Holsters Xcalibur to the Lyman Essential Gun Mat to the Skinner Sights Block/Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Sandwich.

1» Nelson Holsters XCalibur

This IWB holster was designed at the request of a former Navy SEAL and is in use by several Team Members today. A neoprene backing is bonded to a moisture-wicking material, which keeps sweat off of your gun and allows for a more comfortable ride. They are available for right and left-handers, and can be ordered with loops for all sizes of belts and in dozens of color/reinforcement combinations. Score yours at

MSRP: $115.95

2» SOG Dark Energy 550A

The 550-lumen Dark Energy ships with a pair of CR123 batteries and operates at momentary on, reading, 40 percent, 100 percent, and strobe. Its 6061-T6 body is aggressively textured for sure grip and the pocket clip affords a very positive grip on clothing and gear. Available at national retailers and at

MSRP: $122

3» Lyman Essential Gun Mat

This American-made cleaning mat will protect your gun and your table while performing routine maintenance. Chemical-resistant and made from synthetic rubber for a non-stick surface, it also features molded-in storage compartments to keep your gun parts and cleaning components secured and organized. Measuring 15.75 by 10 inches, order yours at

MSRP: $14.98

4» CrossBreed PacMat

This combination of a left- or right-handed CrossBreed holster and a 9×8-inch platform allows you to carry securely and safely in a briefcase, backpack or any other type of personal luggage. Also available are magazine carriers and the Bedside Back-Up Assembly, affording you the option of securing your pistol at hand while you sleep. Dozens of quality options are available at

MSRP: $47.95 (with multiple optional add-ons)

5» Elite Survival Systems Smokescreen Concealment Backpack

This single-strap backpack is designed for maximum versatility in a discreet package. The dedicated gun compartment with built-in holster rides below a main compartment large enough for a light jacket, water and other EDC components. Segmented foam panels on the back surface facilitate comfort and ventilation. Available in blue, black and coyote at

MSRP: $129.95

6» Skinner Sights Glock/Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Sandwich

This low-profile 19x10x4-inch Cordura bag allows you to safely and securely transport a Kel-Tec Sub-2000, two Glock pistols and nine magazines. This makes for a handy range bag as well as a discreet carrying case for a very serious set of defensive tools and is available at

MSRP: $99

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