Gear We Love — February/March 2014

Gear We Love — from Real Avid to URI Eagle to Otis.

Gear We Love — from Real Avid to URI Eagle to Otis.

1» Real Avid Gun Boss Universal Pull-Through Cleaning Kit

This kit is organized in a weather-resistant molded case into which every tool snaps in place on an oil-resistant tray. Includes brushes, jags, mops, and slotted tips for most firearms. Find it at  MSRP: $34.99


2» Real Avid AR-15 Scraper

The AR-15 Scraper quickly removes fouling from 12 bolt carrier group surfaces and speed-cleans all four major parts of the bolt carrier group: the bolt, firing pin, bolt carrier, and bolt cam pin. Head to  MSRP: $19.99


3» StealthGear ONYX Glock IWB Holster

Made with all synthetic non-moisture absorbing materials, these IWB holsters are very lightweight and comprised of vented material with a 100% hard nylon Rhino Mesh facing where weapon contacts the platform. Available at  MSRP: $99


4» URI Eagle TALONZ Ceramic Neck Knife

The ceramic material in these results in a blade that will never dull, rust, or corrode. Includes sheath and neck chain, and handle comes pre-wrapped with parachute cord. Find it at  MSRP: $44.99


5» Meprolight Tritium Sights

Used by military and law enforcement, these are the brightest night sights available today. All Tru-Dot sights are covered by a 12-year usable illumination warranty to original purchaser. Find them at  MSRP: $116


6» OTIS Ripcord

Cleans from breech to muzzle in one pass. The molded rubberized core and Nomex fibers together create an effective way to trap and remove fouling. Available in .223 cal/5.56mm, .30 cal, 9mm, .40 cal, & .45 cal. Find it at  MSRP: $14.99

Gear We Love — from ZipMax to Deep Conceal to LaserMax.

Gear We Love — from ZipMax to Deep Conceal to LaserMax.

1» ZipMax CLP Synthetic Gun Oil & Solvent 8 oz.

Synthetic-based ZipMax CLP cleans, lubricates, and helps prevent build-up to provide long lasting protection. Find it at MSRP: $14.99


2» Next Level Training SIRT Pro Model Training Pistol

The Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol was developed to complement live fire training and brings together a host of patent pending technologies critical to improving shooting accuracy while addressing issues of cost and liability. Includes NLT Intro Training DVD. Go to  MSRP: $439


3» Deep Conceal The Stick Up Ultra

Designed to attach to the back of your nightstand or headboard, under an office desk, or behind a closet door, the list of places it can be used is endless. Check it out at  MSRP: $24.95


4» SHTF Gear ACE-1 (Always Combat Effective) IWB Holster

This holster affords a full shooting grip prior to drawing. Constructed of durable Kevlar, premium leather, and Kydex formed to your gun model, it is tuckable and offers free replacement clips for life. Available at  MSRP: $59.99


5» Gear Grabbar Mini

The Gear Grabbar Mini offers the same innovative tool management as the original but on a smaller scale. This four-magnet unit can keep your most-used items right at your fingertips. Available in black or white at  MSRP: $9.99


6» LaserMax Micro Rail-Mounted Red Laser

Fits virtually any firearm with an accessory rail. With an automatic 10 min shut-off and an ambidextrous activation switch, it offers over five hours of battery life and provides a 5mW beam. Toggle from continuous to pulsing by holding down the activation switch for 8 seconds. Available at  MSRP: $129

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