Gear We Love — August/September 2015

Gear We Love — from the GunBunker to the UnderCarry Holster to the NexBelt Classic.

Concealed Carry Gear We Love — from the GunBunker to the UnderCarry Holster to the NexBelt Classic.

1» GunBunker

The American-made GunBunker offers high security at a very reasonable price. The included high-strength security cable allows you to affix it to a vehicle seat frame for in-vehicle security, and the high-security dimple lock makes for solid storage in hotel rooms and offices. TSA approved, powder coated for corrosion resistance and capable of horizontal or vertical mounting, it’s available at

MSRP: $129.95

2» Federal Premium Vital-Shok Buckshot

These new shotshells from Federal carry a high-density payload of tungsten-alloy pellets and deliver 1,600-foot-per-second muzzle velocity. For home, farm or ranch use, millions of responsibly armed Americans still rely on buckshot to defend their homes and families. Up your game at

MSRP: $6.69/5

3» UnderCarry Holster

Rare Earth magnets keep this pocket holster exactly where you put it. The result is an extremely stable platform from which to draw a gun, resulting in a gun that is always in the same place when you go for it. Learn more at

MSRP: $29.95

4» Ulticlip Concealment Holster Clips

These C-1075 spring steel, replacement holster retention clips install directly onto your holster, increasing retention and decreasing the chance of that holster leaving your person. For 10 times the retention power of factory clips, visit

MSRP: $9.99

5» Birchwood Casey Hopper Spit Firearm Protectant

Hopper Spit is specifically engineered for long-term storage of firearms and offers extreme protection against corrosion in harsh conditions. It significantly outlasted its competition in laboratory salt-spray tests, and it will protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Protect what protects you at

MSRP: $14.40/11-ounce can

6» NexBelt Classic

These belts offer the sleek lines of a quality leather belt but operate with a proprietary, slide-through mechanism that eliminates the need for holes or the fuss of traditional web belt “rolling barrel” buckles. They’re available in multiple colors and buckle designs, and custom orders are always welcome. Visit for options and order info.

MSRP: $49.99

Gear We Love — from the Caldwell Platinum Series G3 to the UVEX Prescription Eye Protection to the JOX Horizontal OC Pouch.

Concealed Carry Gear We Love — from the Caldwell Platinum Series G3 to the UVEX Prescription Eye Protection to the JOX Horizontal OC Pouch.

1» Caldwell Platinum Series G3

Electronic hearing protection not only manages the report of gunfire but also is capable of distinguishing between normal noise and harmful noise. The result is a set of headphones that blocks harmful noise while amplifying voices and other normal sounds, thus allowing you to carry on a normal conversation while still protected from harmful decibel levels. Get yours at national retailers or, for purchase and more information, head to

MSRP: $65.99

2» Eclipse Holsters IWB

Eclipse provides excellent pressure fitting for your sidearm and provides an audible “click” when the firearm is fully seated. These holsters are American-made, available in dozens of colors and models and are backed by a 100-percent lifetime replacement warranty for the lifetime of the unit. The IWB and other holsters, magazine pouches and carry accessories are available at

MSRP: $60

3» UVEX Prescription Eye Protection

Veteran-owned family business Sports Optical will put your prescription into any number of different frames, specifically tailored toward the shooting sports. Eliminate the need to wear bulky safety gear over your prescription glasses. Choose from frames by Smith, Oakley, Numa or their own Mt. Falcon and many others at

MSRP: Starting at $109 and up

4» Streamlight Nano

The weatherproof Nano from Streamlight is an extremely handy keychain option that is powered by four included alkaline button cells. At 10 lumens, it’s perfect for checking maps, indexing keys or any other activity during which you don’t want your night vision compromised. Available through and at retailers nationwide.

MSRP: $9.99

5» JOX Horizontal OC Pouch

Be it employed against man or beast, pepper spray is a powerful deterrent. While some prefer the options provided by larger 1.5-inch cans, they can be tough to carry, since most of the pouches capable of holding them are designed for use on law enforcement duty belts. The Horizontal OC Pouch discreetly carries a duty-sized can above the belt in comfort and is also available for the smaller 7/8-inch personal cans at

MSRP: $20

6» Yukon Outfitters Explorer Side Pack

This adjustable shoulder EDC bag features an 8- by 5.5- by 15-inch main zippered compartment and an adjustable quick-release shoulder strap. Along with an included universal holster, there is enough interior hook-and-loop material to either use it as is out of the box or customize it with your favorite holster. There are also an insulated water bottle pocket, a cinch cord to better protect gear from weather and a breathable, mesh-back panel. Head to for a demo video and other great bags.

MSRP: $49.99

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