Gear We Love — April 2015

Gear We Love — from NightStick Flashlights to the BLACKHAWK! Single-Point Storm Sling RS to the Silverado Lead-Free .223.

Concealed Carry Gear We Love — from NightStick Flashlights to the BLACKHAWK! Single-Point Storm Sling RS to the Silverado Lead-Free .223.

1» NightStick Flashlights

These two offerings from the NightStick line are economical, hardy and extremely bright. Models are available for industry, EDC and fire/EMS use and are available at retailers nationwide and online at shopping sites such as Amazon.

MSRP: $36/$48

2» RealAvid Pistol Tool

Brand new for 2015, this unit boasts a punch, carbon hook, driver, file, tanto blade, hook/scraper and bushing wrench for both Government and Commander 1911s. The body of the tool also houses hex keys and driver bits, and the punch can be removed to screw on rod end attachments. Keep an eye out for it at

MSRP: $39.95

3» BLACKHAWK! Single-Point Storm Sling RS

This extremely versatile and rugged single-point sling is ready for application to your rifle, carbine or shotgun. Heavy bungee is triple-stitched to 1.25-inch nylon webbing and fitted with a steel clip for an extremely robust piece. See the entire Blackhawk line at

MSRP: $40.95-$50.95

4» Leo Combat Pocket-Safe Hammer Shroud

These Kydex caps snap onto the hammer spur of Model 36 Smith & Wesson revolvers to facilitate smooth, snag-free draws from pockets and from under cover garments. Locking securely in place, they pop off with the first double-action shot and do not noticeably alter trigger pull weight. Ditch your hang-ups at

MSRP: $15/3

5» N82 Tactical IWB Magazine Carrier

How to pack an extra magazine, especially if you wear a full-size pistol, has been a nagging question for more than a century. N82 Tactical has come through with a variation on their extremely successful “Professional” series of inside-the-waistband holsters with this IWB magazine carrier, allowing concealed carriers to keep a full-sized magazine at the ready without having to wear bulky duty-style pouches or bump down to a smaller gun. Included shims will allow you to customize it to your retention needs, and the entire unit carries a lifetime warranty. Get yours at

MSRP: $39.95

6» Silverado Lead-Free .223

These 55-grain .223s are designed for modern sport and defensive hunters and shooters: lead-free and <2 MOA at 300 meters. Leaving the barrel at 3,000 feet per second, the monolithic copper solid projectile fragments upon impact, limiting over-penetration and ensuring that the energy payload remains in the target. Certified by the State of California for non-game hunting, get fit for the field at

MSRP: $31.49

Gear We Love — from the Traditions Aluminum Snap Caps to the Recover Grip & Rail System to Dry Fire Cards.

Concealed Carry Gear We Love — from the Traditions Aluminum Snap Caps to the Recover Grip & Rail System to Dry Fire Cards.

1» Traditions Aluminum Snap Caps

Though not as essential as they were decades ago for protecting firing pins, snap caps or “dummy” rounds are absolutely essential for training to clear your pistol in the event of a malfunction. Made in Italy and available in 9mm, .38/.357, .44 Magnum and .45 ACP, find them at

MSRP: $22.49-$26.49/5

2» 5 Star Speedloaders

Not only are these speedloaders CNC-machined from solid billet aluminum and extremely reliable, they also offer increased ease of loading with the Range Blocks and Bedside Blocks available from 5 Star Firearms. The blocks not only allow for a stable storage platform but also let you set the rounds into their indentations for faster indexing. Available in more than 10 colors and for dozens of different revolvers, they’re range-ready at

MSRP: Starting at $19.95

3» Recover Grip & Rail System

These high-grade reinforced-polymer gripstocks are the simplest and easiest way to install a rail on your 1911 or Beretta 92. They are installed in place of the factory grips and require no modification of the gun or professional gunsmithing. Available for 1911 and Beretta 92-pattern pistols in black, desert sand, olive drab and camo, find yours at

MSRP: $49.99

4» Brownells 20-Round AR-15/M16 Magazines

Built in Montezuma, Iowa, by Brownells, these original-style 20-rounders contain a chrome silicon spring and a smooth hardcoat-anodized finish with dry lube coating on the 6061 heat-treated aluminum body. These mags are completely mil-spec and are available at

MSRP: $13.99

5» CrossBreed Speedloader Case

These leather and Kydex belt cases are designed for five-round speedloaders and allow for easy carry of another gunload as part of your EDC. A solid snap closure keeps your rounds securely at hand and fits up to 1.5-inch belts. Get yours and other quality EDC components at

MSRP: $36.95 in black cowhide/$38.95 in natural horsehide (pictured)

6» Dry Fire Cards

Covering basic through advanced training drills and techniques, these cards and the regimen they can form will make and keep you a better shooter. Everything from physical conditioning to low-light drills to dynamic engagement strategies are at your fingertips, all for less than a box of ammo. Shoot 300 percent better in 21 days or your money back at

MSRP: $11

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